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Ibrahmovic vs cantona: Who Is The Real King And God Of Manchester United

Manchester United fans have been abuzz ever since Zlatan Ibrahimovic announced his next destination was Old Trafford. Being the most successful club in the Premier League era, United had gotten used to playing with a certain arrogance at times under Sir Alex.

They would just tear down the opposition to threads at times. It’s no surprise then that they had players who had a massive presence on and off the field. Just like Roy Keane, David Beckham and of course Eric Cantona, Zlatan is no different. Not only is he a highly skilled player on the field, he’s never far from the spotlight when off it. Keane during his time at United was famous for his leadership skills as well as his temper. Eric Cantona was signed from rivals Leeds United and he went on to become a fan favourite. Although he stopped playing for United in 1987, even today fans can be heard belting out “Ooh ahh Cantona” and “The twelve days of Cantona”.

Wearing the famous number 7 shirt, he was crucial in United’s rise to the top leading to him being christened King Eric by the United faithful. Like Zlatan though, he had his disciplinary issues. While the Swede was accused of kicking and stamping during his time in Italy and Holland, Cantona kung-fu kicked a Crystal Palace fan after he heckled him during a game at Selhurst Park, resulting in an eventual 8-month ban.

In today’s day and age of technology and social media, players are very weary of what they say. But just like United’s famous Frenchman, Zlatan always speaks his mind. From “Zlatan doesn’t do auditions” to “You don’t buy a Ferrari to drive it like a Fiat”, his quotes have become famous across the world. Just recently the media were reporting how he responded to Cantona being King Eric by saying that he will be the “God of Manchester”. He seriously has the talent to back it

He has been performing at the highest level for over a decade now. He has produced various extraordinary moments along the way like that famous overhead kick goal against England. In a total of 180 appearances for Paris Saint-Germain, he scored 156 goals. His trophy cabinet just speaks for itself. In the last 15 years, he has won 13 League titles in four different countries. He’s a winner and he’s willing to give it everything to stay at the top, just like his new club. Embed from Getty Images

Zlatan Ibrahimovic should be a major success in the Premier League and there is no doubt he will become a fan favourite holding a special place in Manchester United history.