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Hunt For Wenger’s Heir: Why Tony Adams Will Be Better Option Than Thierry Henry

Arsene Wenger recently stated that Thierry Henry would not be coaching the U18 side of Arsenal, even for free, as the former Arsenal striker looked to gain some valuable experience for his UEFA coaching badge.

The former Barcelona and Arsenal star could have been an integral part of the Arsenal coaching staff and even for free, it does seem that Arsene Wenger likes to blow his own trumpet and not having Henry could really harm the club as well.

The sad fact is that Arsenal has a lot of talent when it comes to former players with experience, who could provide a lending hand with the coaching but Wenger is not willing to give them a chance as long as he is around.

While many have suggested that Thierry Henry could lead Arsenal from the dugout in the future, there is another player who could do the job for the side and that man is none other than legendary defender Tony Adams.

The 49-year-old Englishman will always be remembered for making Arsenal so tough to beat with his great leadership and organisational skills. The central defender also picked up four league titles with the Gunners.

While many would point out that Adams doesn’t really have a lot of experience leading out top clubs, neither does Henry. The English defender though has had a taste of football management in England with stints at Portsmouth and Wycombe Wanderers.

Henry, for his part, is still looking for a proper coaching role and that was blown away by Arsene Wenger. Even if Henry does get into a coaching role, he does not seem to be the kind of person who can manage a side, sure he is charismatic and one of the greatest ever to have played the game but that does not always translate into greatness off the pitch as well.

To be a great manager, you need to have a vision and also the ability to talk to players based on their performance. There is some good news though for Arsenal fans as Adams is set to take over the U18s, something that Henry was overlooked for.

This would be the perfect way for him to take over from Wenger one day. He would have learned in the system, he knows how the system works and with Wenger giving him tips and keeping an eye out for him, Adams is in great hands.

The Englishman isn’t called “Mr Arsenal” for nothing and with him joining the club again; this is the perfect way to hand over the torch. Henry might feel a little out of place for all that he has given to the club but with the leadership qualities that Adams has, he definitely is better than the Frenchman when it comes to becoming a manager and leading Arsenal out in the near future.