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Hugo Lloris vs Petr Cech – Stats Show The Tottenham Captain To Be Better Than His Arsenal Competitor

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Hugo Lloris

Tottenham Hotspur, what a season they are having. Managed to finish their campaign sitting on the 5th spot last season and are now battling to contest the top honour in the league this season. As the top goal scorers are stealing all the headlines from the media, there is a player doing his jobs as a silent assassin.

Hugo Lloris, the stop stopper of the Lilly whites. Kane and Alli are undoubtedly one of the best players in the league this season but no one can argue that the team is having one of the finest defence. Alderweireld, Walker and Rose, all had their national team call after their fantastic performance this season but, we cannot undermine the performance and the contribution of Hugo Lloris this season. He has been exceptionally as well. When talking about the goalkeepers, David De Gea and Courtois are the players who comes in our mind, but, for me, Hugo has matched their performance time and time again. Lloris even has more success than De Gea this season. More because of the defence I agree, but the reaction saves he made were absolutely top class. He has been there for the club all the time and has been a key figure in their premier league quest this season.

On the other hand, we have his competitor, The Czech International Petr Cech. He was let go from his previous club and grabbed the attention of the other London club and immediately joined Arsenal as they loaned out their number one, Szczesny to Roma. Arsenal have been much better defensively this season and Cech must be the one to appreciate. He had some really good games and kept their dream to achieve the league alive. He has great communication skills and guides the defence really well. At 33, he is still counted as one of the best in the business.

Both the players have had a great season with their respective clubs and it is hard to differentiate and figure it out that who amongst both had a better 2015-16 season. Still, we will fire a shot.

Hugo Lloris vs Petr Cech-

The Frenchman Hugo Lloris has 31 appearances to his name in this season’s premier league whereas; Petr Cech has appeared for 28 games for Arsenal in the premier league. In their number of appearances, Hugo has 11 clean sheets to his name and Cech has 12.

Petr Cech gets beaten by his opponent very marginally when we talk about average goals conceded where, he concedes at least 1 goal in which 64.3% comes from an open play, 7.1% comes from corner and 28.6 with some other source, whereas Lloris have a conceding rate of 0.77 in which 70.8% comes from an open play, 16.7 comes from corner and 12.5% comes from the other sources.

Talking about the individual awards this season, Lloris is named as the keeper of the Week for 6 times, the same number he shares with his opponent Petr Cech who is also named as the keeper of the week for 6 times. They both share the same number when we talk about the man of the match award and the top man of the team with 2 and 3 awards on each category.

Cech beats his opponent when the talk is about the average No. of saves per game where he manages at least 2 (2.39) saves per game and Lloris averages 1 (1.94) saves per game. But when we talk about the average of saves per goal, Petr gets beaten by the opponent as he averages 2.68 saves per goal and Lloris  averages 2.73 saves per goal.

In terms of claiming success in their attempts, Lloris outnumbers Cech by a great margin as he averages 98% of success in his attempt and Cech averages just 88% success in his attempts. Lloris also averages 48% of punches in his games and beats Cech who averages 39% punches per game.

When talking about the successful distribution of the ball, Lloris averages 67% of success in his distribution and has successfully distributed 673 passes (including goal kick, throw out, kick from hand and other). Furthermore, Cech averages 66% of success in his ball distribution and has distributed 570 passes till date.

Both the keepers are doing an exceptional job for their team this season and as I said, it will be a tough task to differentiate and figure it out that who had a better season. Well, according to us, the Frenchman wins by a fraction of margin but a win is a win, no matter by how many.

Stats taken from Squawka, prior to Tottenham’s game vs Man United.