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How to travel to Cambodia on a budget

There is this common misconception that traveling costs a lot of money. That is not entirely untrue, but it is a bit exaggerated. Plenty of people travel on small budgets, and they still manage to enjoy their vacation. How is that possible? There are a few tips that if you follow, you will be able to save a lot of money. Cambodia may be far away from you, but a trip there should not necessarily cost you an arm and a leg. Here what you should do to save money.

Book your tickets way in advance

Most flights can be booked as much as 6 months in advance. We all know that the sooner you get your plane ticket, the less money you are going to spend. Of course, the season matters as well, so if you can go off-season, it would be fantastic. Prices for flight tickets are at the lowest off-season, and if you buy them in advance, you may be able to save as much as a couple hundreds of dollars. You should keep an eye on offers. You never know when discounts knock on your door.

Use online bookings

Something that many people do not know is that many service providers have discounts if you make a reservation online. Anything from hotels to scuba-diving sessions can be booked online, and there is always some special offer. You should take advantage. Do some research, plan on what you want to do while in Cambodia, and then look for special offers. It is almost impossible to not find something. It does not matter that it is 10% off or 20%. A little money here and there add up and can help you have an extra experience.

Try for an electronic visa

Electronic visas have become more and more common nowadays. The list of countries that issue such documents is growing. However, not all nationalities can apply. For now, at least. Check your eligibility, and if you qualify for a Cambodia evisa, the whole ordeal will cost you as little as $60. And you do not even need much. You get your document via email, and you do not have to get off the couch for it. No trip to the embassy, which actually saves you money because you do not have to take a leave from work. The point is that an electronic visa can save you a lot of time and money. You should definitely try it.

Travel light

Large luggage costs you more than if you travel light. We all know the rule with luggage. Just because your trip is halfway around the world, it does not mean you have to pack your entire wardrobe. Three sets of comfortable clothes, two pairs of shoes (including the ones on your feet,) enough underwear and a lot of socks is pretty much all you need. After all, you go to Cambodia on vacation, not on a fashion runway. It does not matter at all what you are wearing.

There are plenty of ways to save money on your trip. Yes, you may not afford to do everything you dream of on vacation, but you can still create unforgettable memories on a budget. Lots of people do it, and they enjoy themselves. There is no reason you shouldn’t as well.