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How living next door to a Premier League team could affect your finances

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People living near Watford FC have 94% more debt than their neighbours, while those living next door to Newcastle United have 85% less debt than the average NE resident. However, a new report on the state of consumer and Premier League debt across the UK shows that for London locals, living near a stadium isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

  • Londoners sharing a postcode with Watford FC, Crystal Palace, Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal and Chelsea all have more debt than people elsewhere in their postcode zone
  • People living next door to Southampton FC, Sheffield United and Newcastle United have substantially lower debt than nearby neighbours
  • Burnley FC remains a model club and postcode area, with the team boasting no debt at all, and local residents pleased to have dramatically less personal debt than people elsewhere in the region

All over the UK, there are postcodes which are deemed to be more or less desirable than others. For die-hard football fans, the idea of living a stone’s throw from their club’s stadium might seem like a dream come true – but a new look at debt levels around the UK shows that living next door to a Premier League team doesn’t always mean that their riches rub off on you.

In a new report from Know Your Money, the debts of Premier League football teams and their immediate neighbours have been sized up, along with the debts of people living elsewhere in stadium postcode zones. 

As well as noting that Chelsea’s debt to Roman Abramovich means that the team is in more debt than the entire SW postcode two times over, debt ranking tables note the highs and lows of Premier League and surrounding postcode debt. How does your team’s neighbourhood compare?