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How Can Manchester United Fit These Two Superstars In The Same XI?

Coming off a huge win away at Anfield, Manchester United seem to have sealed a Champions League spot, something that was expected from them this season and while they have not played to the best of their ability, they have clinched the minimum requirement from this season and that probably will be enough to keep Van Gaal at the helm for a few more seasons.

The star of the show was a costly Manchester United player who was not expected to do much this season and while people might think that about Angel Di Maria, it was Juan Mata who stole the show with two sublime goals. One goal was all about his running and the other was all about his athletic ability.

The performance was so good that even Louis Van Gaal, a manager who is always reserved about his comments was outspoken as he said this was Mata’s best match while Van Gaal has been coaching United. Mata might have seem a burden to the side that they were waiting to shed but it seems that his new role down the right side of Manchester United will mean that he continues playing in the role as he grows more and more into the side, but the question then remains, what about the other costly player, Angel Di Maria?

Di Maria & Mata in the same line-up

kit mata

It might be hard to decide just which player ends up where but Louis Van Gaal cannot keep a player of the calibre and ability of Angel Di Maria on the bench for much longer. He might have been out of the squad due to a suspension but now he is fit and has to return to the Manchester United squad or the purchase can be deemed as another failed big name not being able to adapt to the rigours of the Premier League.

While Di Maria would like to play behind the strikers, the role of Ashley Young down the United left side would be the ideal location to play Di Maria. In this new formation, he would still have to contribute defensively but not as greatly as he had to when he was playing as a wing back. This time around he can play as a winger and enjoy bombing down the side and linking up with the attack.

With Mata down the right and Di Maria down the left, there really can be no reason not to play the pair. It might make them a little lightweight when it comes to tracking back but that is a risk to be taken as United as known to play attacking football and not conservative football like they have done for a big part of this season.