Hilarious (Picture) 17 Things Micheal Owen Thinks Are Better Than Mesut Ozil (Arsenal Star)

Arsenal and Micheal Owen Drama continues

Recently, Micheal Owen made a controversial statement  that Raheem Sterling is better than Mesut Ozil. This is not the first time, the former Liverpool forward had given a downgraded comment about Arsenal FC. Before the start of this season, he claimed that Arsenal will not finish in top 4.

Troller Trolled!

One of the famous Arsenal blogs ARSEBLOG has published a hilarious post trolling Micheal Owen for his comments about Ozil – “THINGS MICHAEL OWEN THINKS ARE BETTER THAN MESUT OZIL”

Here is one of the points which really caught our eye,

“bricks (because without bricks we would all live outside and be prey for wild animals like tigers and wolfs)”

See the full list below,



Things that Michael Owen reckons are better than Mezut Ozil :P

Posted by SoccerSouls on Tuesday, April 21, 2015

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