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Highlights Of Luis Suarez Handball And Brendan Rodgers Reaction

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Luis Suarez finds himself in the middle of yet another controversy. The Uruguayan scored a goal after handling the ball against Mansfield in the FA cup tie which proved to be the winning goal for the Reds. This has led to yet another talking point about the striker and though his haters start to bad mouth about him, from the different angle it may not look deliberate. 

Have a close look for yourself.

suarez handball

The almighty handball goal from Suarez

Gif credits to @FeintZebra

Talking to ESPN about the handball incident, Liverpool manager  Brendan Rodgers seems to defend his player. Well what other options does he have !! 

“It’s not Luis’s job to do that. It’s not been deliberate as it’s pushed up and hit his hand. It’s up to the officials to decide that. There’s no doubt it was handball, but the referee and the officials ruled it wasn’t deliberate.

“I spoke to the fourth official when it was given because I couldn’t see and he said it was [handball] so I can only assume they thought it wasn’t deliberate. So obviously it was unfortunate for Mansfield and lucky for us that we got the goal.”

What’s your take on the goal ?

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