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Has Balotelli Arrived At The Place He Is Supposed Too?

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Not to sound too cliche but 8 goals in 7 matches in all competitions after his turbulent spell in Manchester, it looks like Balotelli is finally exploding. From the benches at Etihad, Balotelli is now an integral part of Italy and Milan’s attacking line-up and all this in the space of just two months.

Life in England was not as good as he might have hoped for after leaving Inter in a theatrical way, he was disappointed with the food, the weather, and the parking tickets in the city center, so he took to pyrotechnics in his spare time and became a tabloid superstar. His goal scoring talents were always overshadowed by his off the pitch activities and the English media took perfect advantage covering every move that the Italian made. But in Italy he is next to his family nestled in nearby Brescia, his family and their fantastic Tagliatelle are only a 30 minute drive in one of Balotelli’s high-end super cars and with a lot less media attraction, Super Mario can concentrate better.

However it is all up-to Balotelli now, he can rise up and grow as one the next generation’s finest strikers or stay behind and continue as part of a media mockery.

People tend to forget the fact that Balotelli has already helped Inter and City to win their respective leagues and who could forget his brace against Germany in the  Euro’s, the boy is just 22-years old and has already won 9 competitions in total. A feat that even the most established players sometimes find it difficult to achieve. With at-least 10 solid years ahead of him, Balotelli can win a whole lot more with both club and country.

Throughout his senior career  be it at Inter or at Manchester Ciy, Balotelli was never a regular starter. An under study of either Eto, who was at his prime when he was with Inter and in City there were a whole bunch of them to fight for a place. Although, this gives you the motivation to strive much harder to fight for the first team call-up it has it’s negative effects with players like Balotelli. Sitting in the bench with the attitude of his, is not always a good idea and that is what Milan can provide him now – an assured starting berth.

And his relationship with fellow forward  El Sharaawy will also be a major influence as the two looks to have bonded so very well in the short span they have been together.  Coaches throughout his upbringing raved about him being the finest talent they have ever seen and now he is showing it consistently. All in all and the stage is perfectly set for the Italian.