Goals don’t matter, as long as you perform well – Howe to King

The Cherries player, Norwegian Joshua King managed to net 12 goals for his team during this game season. All of the goals were made in the Premier League, and one of them was made in the Crystal Palace, on Sunday, as part of one of the most important games. And yet, King does not feel happy with the result. He believes that simply because he did not hit the goals amount that he wanted, he should do not deserve to be happy with the result.

The 12 goals make him second only the Callum Wilson, who managed to net 15 goals for his team. And this means that Callum is winning this season’s golden boot in the club. It would also make this occasion the second season in King’s senior career where he has managed to reach double digits in terms of the number of goals he has made for his team. His personal best happened during the campaign of 2016-2017 when he managed to make 16 goals throughout the season.

And this seems to be driving the disappointment he feels this time around. In a recent interview, he stated that he should be making at least 15 goals every season. He says that 15 is the target amount of goals that he has created for himself. According to him, if you fail to achieve your goal in a season, that means you should not get to be happy with the result.

In his 38 games with the Cherries in this season, he managed to make 12 goals. That is not a bad result at all, and that is what Eddie Howe, his coach, is saying. Howe too believes that King could have scored many more goals in this season, but that does not mean that his performance was bad. On the contrary, he believes that King performed very well throughout the season.

According to Howe, the measure of a player’s skill, or how he has performed in the season and whether he should be happy or not with his performance, is not whether the player made the most goals or even as many goals as he wanted to make. What measure’s the player’s ability and whether he should be content with his performance is the contribution he has made to the team. And, according to Howe, King has made a significant and commendable contribution to the team this season.

Football is not a game just for individuals, states Howe. It is a team sport. And as much has amazing individual performance is commendable, the game is not about how many goals a single player has made. It is about how he provided for the team overall. How good were their passes, how well did they play defensively, how good was their teamwork and whether they inspired players to perform better. King manages to contribute to the team, a lot, even when he is not scoring. Which is why Howe is telling King to be happy with his performance this time around.

In the opinion of our colleagues from Norskecasino.casino, King and Wilson have become a very dangerous strike force. They have managed to start 25 matches together, and with this, they have driven the Cherries to accumulate the most top-flight goals the team has ever managed to, tallying at 56. Only the six best teams in the league managed to get more goals than that.

According to King, Callum and he have managed to become a very strong partnership this season. Callum was not playing in King’s first season, which is why King feels like he is playing a different style of game now. Yet, King hesitates to attribute all of the success to the two of them. He believes that the fact that the front four of the team have come together so well is what has been driving the team to victory. They are all trying to do better for the team, in order to score more goals and help the team be better.

Written by Rohan Sengupta

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