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A Goal Every 4 Games: Why This Super Playmaker Can Save Chelsea’s Season

There was one player who was actually cheered by the Chelsea fans in their 3-1 win over Sunderland and that was Oscar. The Brazilian was his zippy self for the team and got the third goal through a penalty to beat the Black Cats. In fact, Oscar was the best player on the pitch and that will be seen as something which the team can take forward this season.

The Blues haven’t been able to get their groove going, but the Brazilian could hold the key for the team as they look to get back into the top four or at least, have a great showing in the UEFA Champions League, maybe even winning it under Guus Hiddink.

The Dutch manager was named as the interim replacement for Jose Mourinho and his success could be dependent on the form of the Brazilian and also Willian.

The Brazilian gunning for glory?


Oscar hasn’t played all the games this season; he has only appeared in 11 matches this season in the league and just 686 minutes under his belt. Compared to the minutes played by the likes of Hazard and Willian who both have clocked up more than 1100 minutes this season.

If we are to look at the stats using Squawka.com we do see a bit of a trend coming up. Oscar seems to be a more direct footballer who wants to have a pop at goal. He actually has a better goal scoring record based on the per 90 minutes metric. The Brazilian averages a goal every four games for the Blues this season while Hazard hasn’t even scored in the league while Willian gets a goal for the team every six games.

Oscar is also known to take more shots on goal and that comes up in the stats as well. With 2.76 shots per 90 minutes, he easily leads the Hazard who comes in with a paltry 1.56 shots on goal every 90 minutes and Willian with 1.81.

It isn’t just the offense that Oscar helps his team out in; he has a stellar defensive contribution for the team as well. He manages to chip in with 1.18 clearances per 90 minutes while Hazard hasn’t made a clearance this season in the league while Willian does come in with 0.15 clearances per game. Oscar doesn’t shy away from a tackle as well and has won 2.36 tackles per 90 minutes this season with Willian coming in second with 1.51 and Hazard with 0.35 tackles won per 90 minutes.

Oscar might not be the player who is spoken off in great tones as compared to Hazard and Willian but certainly his overall contribution should merit him a few more starts under Guus Hiddink and he could well be the one that can transform Chelsea’s season now.

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