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Go For It Klopp – Why This 25-year Old Defensive Superstar WIll Solve Liverpool’s Defensive Woes

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The one player who was picked on after Liverpool’s loss in the Europa League final was Alberto Moreno, the former Sevilla player was at fault for the first goal and overall his season has not been that great. The left-back has been one player who has been extremely inconsistent during his two years at Liverpool and there is no doubt that Liverpool would be looking to replace him or at least give him competition next season.

The man who is being linked with a move to Anfield is German star Jonas Hector. The 25-year-old left-back might not be the youngest player when it comes to the position, but his performances in Cologne have made him a player to keep an eye out for.

This season he has played 32 games for Köln and none of them were from the bench. He racked up over 2800 minutes in the Bundesliga alone and had four assists to his name. Liverpool are confident of his signing or at least are trying to get him and with Jurgen Klopp on their side, the deal could very well take place.

The big question is how would Hector fit into the system and how good is he?

A dependable left-back: Liverpool’s need of the hour

Apart from Simon Mignolet, the left-back slot is something that Liverpool have to address fast. Alberto Moreno isn’t the greatest and with Brad Smith still developing, this region of the team needs an upgrade.

Hector could well be that star as he has become one of the go to guys for Joachim Low. The 25-year-old is not the fastest player in the world and you certainly will not see him speed past defences and overlap the winger, something that Alberto Moreno has done time and again for Liverpool.

The best comparison which can be made to Hector is that he is a Nathaniel Clyne kind of player. You know what kind of game you would get from him and his consistency could be the main reason why Klopp does move for him.

The Köln defender is tall and isn’t easily beaten, and his major strength is tucking in and helping out the center-backs. He also is a great crosser of the ball, but we do not know how much of a help that would be with Daniel Sturridge and the likes in the team. Hector is a smart footballer who does not overcommit and that would certainly work in the favour of the German if he does move to Liverpool.

The problem with the link up to Hector is that very few German players ever leave the Bundesliga and come to the Premier League. The German defender would be a great and reliable replacement for Moreno and the faster Jurgen Klopp gets this deal done, the better it would be for the club and would at least ensure a string of better performances from one side of the defence.

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