Go For It Wenger! Why This Spanish Poacher Is The Perfect Replacement For Welbeck At Arsenal


Arsenal’s transfer policy has frustrated the Arsenal fans over the years. Voids have been left unfilled and time and time again it’s been questioned repeatedly but the inability of taking any action still looms large at the club.

Arsenal have been plunged into another deep crisis with centre-forward Danny Welbeck injuring his knee cartilage and with that, the English striker is out for a long period of 9 months where he’ll miss the Euros and also most of the next season. Arsenal are left with only Olivier Giroud and Yaya Sanogo and while Giroud is really inconsistent, I doubt Sanogo is a first team material.

With this said, there’s been a lot happening around the world as well and the most important news or rumours that will please the Arsenal fans is the availability of Zlatan and Alvaro Morata. While Zlatan is a little far-fetched for Arsenal and their grounded policy, I think Alvaro Morato is perfect for the London based club to replace Danny Welbeck with.

Morata was heavily criticised with his price tag and his early beginnings at Juventus but over time his performances have borne fruit and eventually they’ll realize that he was a player much more than what Morata was bought for. There is a reason Real Madrid placed a buy-back clause in his contract and rightly so, just as they thought, the youngster has largely impressed and another big money move involving him can’t be ruled out.

Morata is a world class poacher and his sense of awareness is brilliant and he is a very selfless player. Let’s first talk about him and then our focus will be on why Morata will be a perfect replacement for Welbeck.

*Statistically speaking, Morata in his 62 appearances for Juventus has created a whopping 46 chances and has scored 15 goals. His average passing accuracy is above 80% and above shot accuracy is above 60% which is impressive for such a young striker and it just is a testament to his poaching ability. According to the statistics of Squawka Football, Morata has had 21 shots on target and 14 off target in 33 appearances so far and he has had 12 shots blocked.

* The passing of Morata is really wise and accurate as well. He likes to provide lay-offs with his head or head down the crosses on the way of his teammates but his general passes have been largely successful.

According to Squawka, although the passing of Morata provides less assists, he has made a major influence through his key passes that penetrate the opposition.

* Apart from the statistics, generally speaking, Morata has been the centre of a great partnership along with Dybala as well as Mandzukic. He likes to make clever runs, pass through the ground and when the chance comes he finishes it of clinically. Here’s where he would suit Arsenal as well. With players like Sanchez and Mesut Ozil behind you and a tall guy like Giroud to provide the lay-offs, Morata can find himself delivering a lot of goals.

* Morata has big game experience when the talk comes about him and the Champions League. He scored two vital goals against his former club Real Madrid in the semi-finals of the Champions League to eliminate them and he’s had a tremendous amount of experience by playing under Allegri.

* Arsene Wenger is a calm manager and a very composed one and Morata can find himself developing at Arsenal.
* Arsenal have always lacked that centre forward who can poach goals ever since the departure of Thierry Henry and while Wenger has been slammed for being naive and not getting a striker, I think it’s high time he pushes for Morata with a void to fill.

Morata would suit Arsenal’s style of attacking play and he’s more suited to attacks by ground and through the centre rather than the flanks because he isn’t the tallest of players to head the ball however with Giroud partnering him, he can find spaces for Giroud to lay-off the balls and it would be no wonder if he hits the back of the net.

* Also, Morata can shoulder responsibility very well. Since the departure of Carlos Tevez at Juventus, both Morata and Dybala have stepped up immensely well and Morata has been a leading figure for Juventus, taking them on such a  remarkable unbeaten streak and now Juventus have already confirmed another Serie-A title.
* Morata is just 23 and Arsene Wenger does like to spend on youngsters with promise and Morata has shown it really well.

I feel if Arsenal are going for a striker this summer, Morata’s one of the best available and he can be a significant replacement for Danny Welbeck!

Written by Syed Shaiban

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