Gerrard And Carragher Talks About Their Dressing Sense

Liverpool legends Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher have revealed that they have received plenty of stick for following Scouce way of dressing from London and other foreign lads during their whole football career.

They also talked about their liking to wear white trainers and shell-suits.

In an interview to FourFourTwo magazine,

Carragher said,

“You’ve had some real rascal gear haven’t you?”

Gerrard replied,

“I think we’re both guilty of wearing some rascal gear over the past 14 or 15 years. We try to keep our feet on the ground and stick to what other Scousers are wearing. We don’t want to change too much.”

“The London lads and foreign lads don’t appreciate the Scouse dress sense, so we’ve developed some thick skin from the stick we’ve taken!”

Liverpool players are always known for having weird dressing style. They made headlines when the team wore white suits to the FA Cup final against Manchester United in 1996.

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