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German vs English Defender – Who Will Be The Right Man To Do The Job For Chelsea Next Season

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Chelsea are looking to bolster their team in the coming transfer season and defence is the area where they desperately need reinforcements. John Terry is due to leave at the end of the season and Gary Cahill seems nowhere near his best anymore. Due to injuries to both John Terry and Kurt Zouma, Chelsea has even employed Branislav Ivanovic at the centre back role. This shows the kind of rebuilding the Chelsea defence has to go through and the centre back role is one that needs it the most. Two names that has been associated with Chelsea the most are John Stones and Mats Hummels. So which one of these two will suit Chelsea the most? Which defender would be the best signing for Chelsea next season? Let us look at these two defenders in depth and see who would fit Chelsea the most.

Hummels has been in fine form for Dortmund this season. After being quite average last season, he has looked closer to his best this season. He has made 26 appearances this season. He has won 43 tackles this season with the success rate of 59%. He has also made 73 interceptions, 85 clearances and 3 blocks. Hummels also has maintained 88% shot accuracy, 84% average pass accuracy and created 6 chances. Hummels is known to be a ball-playing centre-half and his stats just prove it the more. He has also won 66% of his average duels. Many critics have complained that Hummels is a bit slow but he definitely makes up for it with his cleverness. Hummels is always at the right place to make a header or an interception and he is definitely one player who knows how to make a perfect tackle.

Stones, on the other hand, has had a more than an average season. He has made 29 appearances this season and has made 34 tackles with a success rate of 55%. He has also made 46 interceptions, 122 clearances and 31 blocks as well. He has an average pass accuracy of 89%, created 4 chances and has won 64% of his average duels. However, stones has a very meagre shot accuracy of 14%. And many critics pick up on him for that. But Stones is not known to be a ball-playing centre-half and as long as he keeps on blocking and stopping the opponent attackers, shot accuracy doesn’t really matter that much. Plus Stones is quite fast. So he is good in defending against fast paced players.

If you compare the two, Hummels would win if you lay more emphasis on a ball-playing centre-half. But if you consider from a pace perspective Stones is a more fast defender. Hummels is also more a matured defender and is already the captain of Dortmund. But Hummels is 27 and Stones is just 21. By the time Stones reaches 27, he might be one of the best defenders in the world. Hummels still has a lot of good years to perform and might go on and become a club and country legend. Stones, on the other hand, has a lot of years to play and he too might go on and become a legend for a club and country.

Honestly, it’s tough to pick in between this two. But if I have to pick one at this point, I would pick Hummels. The sole reason being is that he is a matured defender and that should fit him into any team. Even though he has played all his club football in Germany, still he would not find it hard to adjust to England. Bundesliga is fast paced too and requires good strong defending just like in the EPL. Stones also looks like a player who will succeed at Chelsea. The fact that he is English and has already gained experience in the EPL might make a favourite choice over Hummels for many, but he is 21 and might need to prove his worth for a season or two more to make him the choice over Hummels for everyone.

So Mats Hummels will be a better signing for Chelsea for the next few seasons at least. But for the long run, John Stones looks like a perfect fit.