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Gorgeous – Georgina Rodriguez posts a video of her dancing after Ronaldo scores against Roma

Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best goalscorers in the world of football and his proven track record shows how he has fared in all the clubs he has played.

It is also a common fact that fans go crazy after seeing him in every game and if he scores, it would be the headline on the front page the next day.

With 620 club goals and 99 on the international stage, the former Real Madrid man has broken many records in his career and is one of the most successful players.

Cristiano Ronaldo (Getty Images)
Cristiano Ronaldo (Getty Images)

Out of the millions of fans he has around the world, it is evident that his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez is one of his most ardent and dedicated fans. On many occasions, she has stood by him and even watched the Portugal international play from the stands.

She was seen in tears of joy last season, where Ronaldo helped Juventus overcome a 2-goal deficit in the second leg of the Champions League knockout stages with a hat-trick. He single-handedly won the game for the Old Lady as they advanced to the next stage.

This time, Rodriguez was seen celebrating in a different way. She was seen dancing after Ronaldo scored the first of the three goals in the win against Roma. Juventus advanced to the semi-finals of Coppa Italia after the Portuguese opened the scoring in the 26th minute.


Rodriguez celebrated with a dance at Salva’s school and showed her beauty. She then took to social media to post the video.

Ronaldo and his teammates were knocked out of the competition at the same stage last season against Lazio. But this season, they would be hoping to get their hands on the trophy, which Juventus have won 13 times so far.