Is This Argentine A Jose Mourinho Kind Of Player?

Jose Mourinho coming into a club does ruffle a number of features and most Manchester United players would now be worried about their future at the club. One such player who should be worried about his future is Marcos Rojo.

The Argentine was brought in by Louis van Gaal but hasn’t really cemented a place in the club. Rojo has been played in a wide range of positions in the defense, but that has not been enough for him to fix his slot in the team.

The 26-year-old was someone who could play as a right-back, but that didn’t take place and he was shifted even to the heart of the defence where he did struggle in the tough world of the Premier League.

Jose Mourinho isn’t known for his defenders being technically brilliant on the ball, what he cares about is tough defenders who can get the job done of clearing the ball. Think about John Terry or even Pepe and you get the drift of what kind of players Mourinho likes to have in defence.

The Portuguese is set to make a host of changes at the club and with speculation that Juan Mata is set to leave the club; Rojo could also be someone on the chopping block. He is not a typical defender that Jose Mourinho likes to use in his side, someone who can run with the ball and do well in the attack.

As stated earlier, Mourinho likes his defenders to be defenders first and that is not what Rojo is known for. He is great at holding the ball and also passing the ball around, granted that these kind of abilities are a requirement in this day and age of modern football but the former Chelsea man wouldn’t want to have Rojo starting attacks from the back.

The Argentine hasn’t looked like a great first at the club for years also, even this season, he has struggled to do well at the club and the need for Mourinho to find a good replacement for even this position will be high on his requirement list.

It isn’t that Rojo is a bad player, far from it, but he is not the kind of player that Jose Mourinho likes to have at a club. He isn’t a great defender and maybe a role in midfield could be the answer for the 26-year-old but for now, he does seem to be on his way out as Mourinho plots to win the Premier League next season for the Red Devils.

Written by Kevin Harrison


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