From Top 4 To Title Contenders: 3 Things Brendan Rodgers Has Done To Change Liverpool’s season

Brendan Rodgers

While most Liverpool fans are basking in the sunlight enjoying the fact that their team might win the first league title in almost 15 years, it must not be overlooked that even at the end of last season it was beyond inconceivable that Liverpool would be in the position that they are in right now. After all at the end of last season, languishing at seventh a vast majority of Liverpool fans were calling for Brendan Rodger’s head.

While Luis Suarez’s magic in front of goal and having no European fixtures to worry about has certainly helped Liverpool, it would be foolish not to recognize the main reason behind Liverpool’s success this season and that is Brendan Rodgers. So we at Soccersouls decided to analyse the three things Brendan Rodgers has done this season to change Liverpool’s fortunes.

Keeping hold of Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez

While many would not credit Brendan Rodgers for this but the fact is he handled the situation with aplomb. After all when Luis Suarez publically said that he wanted to leave, it would have been the easier option to allow him to leave and to find replacements with the huge amount of money Liverpool would have pocketed from the sale of Luis Suarez. Something Tottenham Hotspur did the previous summer by selling Gareth Bale and bringing seven very good players in his stead to replace him. Now we all know what happened to Tottenham Hotspur and in hindsight the fact that Brendan Rodgers not only convinced the Uruguayan to stay without alienating him but also getting him to sign a new contract deserves all the accolades he will get.

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