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From Arsenal Captain To Chelsea’s Scapegoat: Has The Happiness Gone For The Spaniard?

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Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho might not have taken any names when he was having a pot at some of his players after the 2-1 loss against Leicester City but most people got to know that he was referring to Eden Hazard and Cesc Fabregas as two players who might have thought themselves to be better than the other players on show.

Certainly things have not gone the right way for most players at Chelsea and this light again heaps a lot of troubles on them in a season that has turned into an absolute nightmare. It isn’t just one player who is having a poor time; it is the entire club who seem to have been sucked into a black hole.

Chelsea might not be looking to turn things around but Cesc Fabregas has called on his players to do better and justify the enormous wages they receive at Chelsea. While the buck often stops on the manager, it is heartening to see Fabregas at least make an attempt to get things right for the Blues this season rather than just give up so easily. However, something just doesn’t add up to Fabregas and he doesn’t seem to be enjoying his football when playing for the other team from London, not forgetting Tottenham though.

Red vs. Blue: Where is the happiness?

Cesc Fabregas

When Fabregas signed for Chelsea in 2014, it was actually supposed to be a happy homecoming for the Barcelona star that was tired of not getting enough game time in Spain, sure he was winning a few trophies but he always wanted to re-join Arsenal but Wenger turned that down, one bitten twice shy Mr Wenger?

Either way, Fabregas didn’t really endear himself to the Arsenal faithful by signing for Chelsea and playing under Jose Mourinho, who again got him the Premier League crown, the first time Cesc had won it but it seemed that the Spanish star had the happiness sucked out of him even though he ended his first season with Chelsea bringing in 18 assists in the league.

This season however has been another story with Cesc only getting a couple of assists in the league so far. His time at Arsenal where he was given a freer role in the team always saw him hit the double figures when it came to assists and he often chipped in with goals as well.

Cesc had 57 goals to his name for the Gunners and even scored in double figures for each season at Barcelona, but he only got five goals for Chelsea in his first season and only has one goal this season for Chelsea.

Fabregas also has to play a more defined role at Chelsea, especially when he is paired with Nemanja Matic in the heart of midfield. That seemed to work for him last season but this season has been different for the Spanish star and he hasn’t been able to give it his all.

It probably seems that Mourinho has sucked the life out of the club and it is the players who are suffering under Mourinho’s regime. Fabregas might have won the Premier League with Jose as his manager but at what price? He has been all over the place this season and doesn’t seem to be getting better and neither is the team doing anything which suggests that things might not turn around soon.

Fabregas might be wishing that someone can help him with this Chelsea chapter in his life but frankly, this chapter does not seem to have a happy ending, well at least not for Mourinho.