Free bets at UK bookmakers – Are they really free?

The online gambling industry is pushing its way to global annual revenues of nearly $300 billion US. And this is naturally piquing the interest of investors and entrepreneurs alike. Very few industries have seen such a huge wave of interest over the last few years. And as the niche makes its way into unchartered territory, the race is on to attract the attention of the eager public.

Every betting site has its work cut out showing sports fans that they have what it takes to keep them happy. Everything from the latest tech down to the best odds and prices are all part of the repertoire. But it’s hard to show all this off to the punters if you don’t get them to walk through the door. Or in this case, click on their link.

Free bet offers

One tried and tested way to catch the customer’s eye is to hand out some lucrative offers. This usually turns a few heads and will give a player an incentive to pop their head around the door. But when all the brands are handing out the same samples, it’s tough to convince a potential client that your freebies are the best.

Some sportsbooks will offer incredible freebet deals that amount to fairly hefty sums of cash. While others play it safe and make their offerings a little more modest.

But why would a brand knowingly fall short with the freebies?

The answer lies in the true value of the bonus deal. And the devil is most certainly in the details. As you’ll see, it might pay not to get lured in by some of these big-money promises. Instead, gifts of a more humble nature could turn out to be the most valuable.

Free bet small print

All offers come with their own set of rules and regs. You can rarely use a bonus deal and simply run off with the cash if you win. And in this sense, it isn’t a free cash gift. What you get is a chance to wager the bookie’s money. And if you win, then you need to comply with the rest of the caveats.

The first rule you may encounter is the minimum odds limit. The bookmaker won’t let you place an each way bet on a dead cert and watch you walk off with their cash. There needs to be much higher risk involved.

And if your selection comes in, then it’s time to move onto the next detail – the wagering requirement.

What this does is shows you how many times you need to gamble the winnings that come from the freebets. You might have had a lucky break with your first bet. But now you will probably need to do it again. The exact figure will be set by the bookie. And this can make or break the deal.

The last major detail is the amount that you can cash out when all of the above is complete. And this is probably something you should check first before even contemplating the deal. If this figure is very small, then there’s little point in going to the effort gambling a bet several times just to walk away with a tiny profit.

Types of free bets UK

One of the most popular sports betting giveaways is the free bets no deposit deal. And this is for the simple reason that it costs the punter nothing to place a wager on a sport they love. And regardless of the small print, there’s no risk to the customer’s cash. All it needs is a little of your time. And most people won’t argue with that.

The other bet promos that you’ll often see are ones that require the new customer to make a deposit first. And these tend to be much larger in principle. The problem here is that you’ll be getting a big freebie but it may take a while to see the rewards. Moreover, your own cash is also tied up in your betting account now and needs to be spent.

Are they free?

Deals that don’t require any deposit are definitely free and don’t put any pressure on your wallet. And a will tell you that this type of promotion is extremely popular today.

Those that need a little spend in order to trigger the bet probably shouldn’t be claiming ‘free’ status. You may not need to pay for the freebie as such. But your cash is still tied up as a result and you will be spending it one way or another.

Are they worth it?

In many cases, yes. But regardless of whether or not the bet is free, it still pays to do your homework and read the small print. The rules that were mentioned above have a big effect on the value and worthiness of a promo. So read them carefully and decide if you like them or not. The great thing is that there are so many brands competing in this sector that you’ll always find something that suits you perfectly.