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Former Chelsea Boss Takes a Swipe at Jose Mourinho

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Jose Mourinho

It seems now that Real Madrid boss Rafael Benitez has now reignited his war of words with Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho, with his latest comments made to Spanish media. The two managers have been involved in an intense rivalry with each other, from the time when the Spaniard was at Liverpool and the Portuguese at Stamford Bridge respectively.

Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho

Further, Benitez also managed clubs like the west London side, Inter Milan and now Real, after Mourinho had already left his mark on them. Speaking to Spanish radio station La Cope about former Real bosses and eventually current Manchester City boss Manuel Pellegrini, he said: “A great coach and a great person. I have a good relationship with him and he is great as a manager and a person.”

Talking about Carlo Ancelotti he replied, “Carlo is a friend and he is a good coach and a good person.”

Further, when asked about Mourinho, Benitez joked: “Let’s just leave it there. A great coach… and there we will leave it.” The reporter further asked, “And you are not going to say ‘good person’?”, to which Benitez replied, “I am free to have my own opinion am I not?”

When asked about Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich, he added, “I never had a problem with him. We won the last European trophy that Chelsea has won and got them into the Champions League.”