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Forget Mourinho: Why Manchester United Must Appoint This Former Premier League Winner (Not Giggs)

Louis van Gaal

The dissent from the Manchester United fans might be reaching the highest point as Louis van Gaal remains in charge of the side and has his position reviewed match by match. The Dutch manager did win the FA Cup tie against Derby but questions are still being asked about not only his management of the team but also the way his team plays.

Manchester United need to replace Louis van Gaal and the manager lined up to replace him; well at least one of the managers listed to replace him is Laurent Blanc the PSG manager. Blanc has been incredible at PSG and has won the Ligue 1 title twice and also repeated the feat with Bordeaux way back in 2008.

Blanc has also managed the French national side, certainly not the easiest bunch of players to deal with and even at PSG he has had to deal with some large egos, not to forget a certain Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who is just something else.

Blanc to lead his ex-team?

Laurent Blanc

Laurent Blanc might not have managed in England but he certainly has a history of playing in the Premier League, he was a Manchester United player and won the Premier League back in 2002-03. Blanc’s experience in knowing the Old Trafford crowd and what they expect from their team will surely be a positive should he decide to take over the job at the club.

Blanc is also someone who, as stated earlier, knows how to deal with the pressure of the board and gets more signings right than wrong. He has also found Angel di Maria’s form at the Ligue 1 club, proof that Louis van Gaal was as much to blame for the dip in the Argentine’s form at the club last season as much as the former Real Madrid attacker.

Manchester United want to play beautiful attacking football and that is something that Blanc certainly knows about, not only during his time under Sir Alex Ferguson but also with his time in PSG. The likes of Lavezzi, Cavani, Lucas Moura, Ibrahimovic and Rabiot certainly have shown that he can move his team around and get the best out of them and with the likes of Thiago Silva and David Luiz, he does have a decent understanding of dealing with defenders, or at least making them play better than they are.

This would also be a great step up for Blanc but managing in the Premier League for a team that is searching for its identity after Sir Alex and managing a team that is bankrolled crazily with millions being spent on players while other teams can’t compete are two different scenarios. Moving to Manchester United could be a success for Laurent Blanc but only if he is given the money that he needs and that is something which the Glazers would certainly back him with. The rest is up to Blanc as he would need to revamp the playing style and get results at the same time, not the easiest thing to do but certainly something that would challenge his skills.