Forget it Guardiola – Manchester City must not offload their 29-year-old legend this summer

When Gabriel Jesus was brought to Manchester City in January 2017, a lot of fans feared the worst for City stalwart Sergio Aguero. The Argentine was their go-to man since the time he joined and had seen off competition to always remain their number one striker.

However, Jesus’ brilliant start along with his ability to quickly adapt to the Premier League suddenly made it look like Aguero’s absence wouldn’t hurt so much.

However, when an injury to Jesus ended his first season prematurely, Aguero showed that he was still the boss. He also linked up well with Jesus whenever they were played together to give Guardiola a sweet headache to deal with.

Aguero is now 29 and would be entering his 30s soon, which is generally seen as the beginning of the end in a striker’s career graph. So with that in mind, should City sell him and use the funds to purchase a younger striker?

He’s still the man

The answer is a resounding no! Aguero is still one of the best in the Premier League and is easily one among the 5 best strikers in the world today.

He has scored 20+ goals in 5 out of his 7 seasons in the Premier League, including the campaign that has just concluded. Also, despite the fact that Aguero has had injury problems in the past, he has never gone a season without scoring more than 10 goals and has almost always consolidated towards the latter half of the season.

Without Aguero, City will most definitely lose their dynamism up front because he is one of the shrewdest strikers in the business. He’s got pace to make up for his lack of strength and is excellent with the ball at his feet. His finishing ability too was never in doubt but what makes him stand out is his ability to step up when the team needs him the most.

Jesus can be his understudy

Even though Jesus is talented, he is still raw and does not have an extra dimension in his game. His greatest asset is his finishing but he is someone who relies only on pace rather than guile.

This is where Aguero can come in and help Jesus find another element, especially with his movement. Aguero has excellent movement in the final third that has defenders on their toes for the most part of the game. If he can pass this on to Jesus before he leaves, he would have done the club a massive favour, securing their future for another 5 years at the least.

Aguero is too valuable an asset for Manchester City and the Premier League and the Cityzens must avoid offloading the striker this summer.

Written by Rohit Nair

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