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Forget It Conte: 3 Reasons Why Chelsea Should Avoid Signing This Premier League Attacker

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One of the rather weird transfer rumours from this summer of football sees Andre Ayew being linked with a move to Chelsea from Swansea. The 26-year-old Ghanaian had a decent season for the Swans though after his incredible start; they would have expected a lot more from him than the 12 goals and 2 assists in the Premier League.

Injuries did play a part in Ayew’s lack of goals and performances during the tail end of the season but it seems that Antonio Conte is a man who wants to sign the 26-year-old and no one could doubt the Italian manager, well no one except us.

Andre Ayew might have done well in his first season in England but moving to Chelsea is a completely different story and no one would have imagined this deal taking place. Chelsea still have time on their hands as they look to sign the Ghanaian but we provide three reasons to prove he is not the right man for the Blues.

Not a Conte type player

The strangest thing about Ayew moving to Chelsea or at least the rumours of him moving to London is the fact that he does not fit the list of being a “Conte” kind of player. Sure he is hard working but Ayew is someone who can be a luxury for a team and not be the one who will consistently track back and help out in defence.

Conte could make him work harder but wouldn’t the Italian want someone who is known for their defensive outlook from the start rather than having to imbibe it in them? There is no doubt that Ayew would be subject to a few more rumours but moving to Chelsea would just stall his progress and he could end up like all those wingers that the Blues have signed over the years, yet they were never able to make it big.

Inconsistent season for Swansea

Chelsea would be looking to sign a player who is ready for the big-time and will perform from day one. While Swansea did see a lot of good things with Ayew there is no doubt that the Blues need someone who can be extremely consistent from day one.

Ayew isn’t someone who can perform at 90% throughout the season, what he does do is play at 50% in some games and 150% in others. He will either hit a purple patch and score goals for fun or end up being a passenger for the team and that is something that Conte would not want to add to his side this season.

Doesn’t fit the Chelsea scheme of things

The rumour in itself just sounds plain old wrong, why would Chelsea want to spend a load of cash on a player that may not even be in the starting XI next season? Why would the Blues try to sign someone like Ayew when they can spend the money on the likes of Dimitri Payet or Riyad Mahrez?

Ayew is a good player but he isn’t what Chelsea need at the moment. The Blues do have a decent squad and it would not be a surprise if Conte does add a few players from the Serie A but the 26-year-old Swansea man isn’t the right person for the side and he should be avoided at least in this transfer window by the big clubs.