Forget It Conte – Why Chelsea Must Avoid Doing Business With Barcelona For This Winger


Chelsea are the current leader of Premier League, displaying a great game against powerful rivals  in very difficult places. Antonio Conte has introduced a new way to see and play the game in England since his arrival at Stamford Bridge this season.

The Italian head coach started the season struggling to find the best scheme for his team, and in their first matches, Chelsea looked awful on the field. Fortunately for them, Conte made the right changes.

The former Italian national team head coach seemed lost at the start of the season, as Conte’s team looked poor and they couldn’t show their best shape in front of the boss or the supporters.

But Antonio found the way to start the team and at the same time begin the journey of successful they are having now. Conte showed England odd things in the eyes of the English fans: he changed the old scheme of Chelsea to 3-4-3; something crazy for the league.

Time proved Conte was right, as he and his team have been on a roll. Chelsea won their 7-consecutive match – the latest being against Tottenham last weekend, demonstrating their qualities on both ends of the field and also showed how to manage the side in hard situations.

However, to reach these good results Conte had to put away important players in order to make Chelsea the best possible team it can be. Besides, he trusted in players almost unknown for most people (Marco Alonso is the biggest example).

One of the top agents for Conte is Victor Moses, a player who was struggling with the lack of consistency and opportunities in his former teams and at the beginning of his trip with Chelsea.


Now the Nigerian player is one of the most important players in Chelsea ranks. Victor has played in a glorious way since Conte changed Chelsea’s scheme and put him as a wing-back. Well, seeing the example of his coach, Moses demonstrated he is important and valuable for his team.

Conte saw something special in Victor at the preseason, and that’s why he started to put Moses as a starting player at the beginning of the season. The winger has surprised everyone in the first fixture of Premier as he has become (if not the most) one of the most important players in his team.

Now, despite all the names that have been linked with Chelsea, Moses appears as one of the untouchable players for Conte, but not everything is good for the Italian head coach.

FC Barcelona is reportedly interested in signing Victor Moses during the next transfer window, but seeing the level of the Nigerian winger, Chelsea should not let Victor go. He has become a revelation at Chelsea, as he not only collaborates when his team in attacking, but he does it on defence as well.

Moses can be dangerous in both defence and attack, and Conte knows this very well. It is not a minor detail that Victor was responsible for Chelsea’s comeback against Spurs last Saturday, scoring the match-winning goal.

If Chelsea are the current leader of Premier League, a big part thanks to Victor Moses and his tirelessness. Conte and his staff know this, and they’ll try to retain the Nigerian player as long as they can.