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Forget Arsenal Wingers, Berbatov Is A Better Option Than RVP: Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 32 Preview

Gameweek 32 has mixed news for the Fantasy Premier League managers. On the brighter side of things this week will see a lot of firecrackers when the Manchester teams clash at Old Trafford on Monday, the other important games being that of Spurs against Everton and Liverpool playing West Brom. But the news that would take away the peaceful sleeps of many managers and fans alike is the injury of Gareth Bale, which he received during Tottenham’s match against Basel on Thursday in the Europa League match. Some of the most important factors that the Fantasy Premier League managers should keep in mind this week are as follows.

Injury to Bale and Walcott:


In what can be only called as a calamity to his team and the Fantasy Premier League managers similarly is the injury that Gareth Bale sustained during his outing against Basel just two days before the match and in will all probability be out of action for a very long time to come. For a player with such immense ownership, this will no doubt be a very big setback to the managers who had him in their team and now have to look for a replacement at the earliest. His price has already dropped and is set to drop even further with each passing minute. Not only will his price drop, but his probable replacement, Mata’s price will also increase, making life further difficult of the Fantasy Premier League managers. Therefore, if you do not want to lose a chunk of your cash, find an adequate replacement of Bale at the earliest and just hope for him to get well soon. Similarly, Walcott is also suffering an injury and would not be able to play for sometime. These combined injuries and Michu’s poor run of form have given the Fantasy Premier League managers a very hard time to put up a decent midfield, which in turn have been one of the reasons of the recent weeks to have such low average points.

Van Persie’s sudden loss of form:

RVP desperate for United move.

At the same time when Bale and Walcott is suffering an injury, the most consistent striker of the League Robin Van Persie has suddenly lost his touch completely and it is now the twelfth match in a row where he has been unable to find the net. This has surely affected Manchester United’s good showing in the league, but the most affected party is the Fantasy Premier League manager who has built his team around the Dutch. Although he has provided some assists to boost his score to some extent, but he has failed to make a large impact for a very long time. Now, when the player concerned is Van Persie, we are always hopeful of comebacks, but still if the scenario remains unchanged for sometime more, the managers will definitely looking for a replacement.

Exploit Berbatov’s form: 

Out of nowhere Berbatov has arrived and gathered five goals in the last four matches to put up a smile on his owner’s faces. His fixtures ensures that he would not face any tough opponent for at least two weeks and his price tag of £7.2m makes him a gem of a Fantasy Premier League player at the moment. So enjoy the good return of points while he is still in the touch and make out a slot for him in your team, especially so because not many strikers are in peak form at the moment. And rest assured that his ownership of 9.9% is bound to increase very soon also making his price escalate. So, if you have not got him in your team already, go get him in your team already!

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