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Are foreign Premier League follwers plastic?

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Most of the foreign Football fans follow English Premier League due to the fact that it is the most interesting and competitive League in the world.

Asian EPL Fans

Apparently most of the foreign Premier League supporters follow Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool for their back to back successes, style and tradition respectively. There are many supporters emerging for Chelsea and Manchester City after the takeover of Roman Abrahimovic and Sheikh Mansour respectively. I’ve also seen a few supporters of Newcastle United, Everton, Tottenham Hotspur and Aston Villa. It’s by their ultimate interest that they start supporting a club.

I’ve often seen supporters of Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool behaving like they introduced English Premier League into their country. They term Manchester City supporters as Mrs. Sheikh Mansour or Started Watching Football Yesterday. How did you start watching football? Obviously, a club’s success would have inspired you to follow them. Yeah, Manchester City are enjoying recent successes and it’s pretty obvious that it has got new supporters.

If you really enjoy beautiful football or inspirational football, why don’t you support a team like Norwich City or Swansea and go die-hard? Most Arsenal supporters emerged after the Invincible season, therefore, it’s a truism that you started Arsenal since it’s a successful club. Manchester United fans are still emerging only for their success, so why does anyone term City supporters and Blues supporters as Plastic/Glory Hunters?

It doesn’t mean that we could not be fanatic about a club as we’re not born in England. We are not born in Merseyside/London/Manchester/Birmingham. So, it’s quite wannabe-ical if you say, “I support Manchester United/Arsenal/Liverpool and I totally hate Manchester City/Tottenham/Everton.” It’s just normal that we create hate over the rivalry club and hating all the other clubs is the highest level of hypocrism.

You might not like the philosophies of certain clubs like big spending by Chelsea and Manchester City or Youth System by Arsenal. But abruptly hating all the clubs makes you an attention seeker/wannabe.

So, let’s follow our clubs without abusing the other clubs.

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