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Football Terrorism – Romance Between Love And Hate

“Love me or hate me, both are in my favor…If you love me, I’ll always be in your heart…If you hate me, I’ll always be in your mind.”- William Shakespeare.

Such is the ultimate power of hate.

Humans have thousands of definitions of terrorism. But I understand none of those. Definitions need to be made considering all possible ecosystems. In simpler terms, if your defining the word “terrorist” everyone including the victims, public and even the terrorists should accept the truth that the definition portraits. Yes, you can argue that this is illogical. Illogical because of what? Unfair World? World was like that, it is like that and it will be like that. Definitions are nothing more than a set of bricked & cemented opinions.

“Terrorism is an emotional state of being in love with something/someone that makes you think every blockades or anything beyond the magical boundaries of that ecosystem as threats. It’s an illegal romance between love and hate”.

Means you spend more time hating the blockades than loving your whatever.

Football Terrorism

So what about the football fans and their historical hatard towards their rival club and its fans? Is football hooliganism and terrorism same or is it stupid of me to compare the two where the magnitude of emotions are so different? Not really as both have same cause and effect. Cause being love and the effect being shown in the form of burning hate.

When ever I have a convo about this, the so called hardcore fans come at me with waves of insults like “You don’t understand the culture and history here” “typical foreigner” “Only local fans can understand the rivalry” Blah Blah Blah.

This is what those terrorist do too. They do have their own culture and history and they do have their fair enough reasons for their hate radiations. I do understand all this. But the point is, Love is beautiful when it’s 100% love and is less attractive when it’s 75% love adulterated with 25% hate or any other possible permutations.

This is certainly not a new issue. The poison of hate is fed through generations. Even when as early as 1314, King Edward II banned football (at that time, a violent, unruly activity involving rival villages kicking a pig’s bladder across the local heath) because he believed the disorder surrounding matches might lead to social unrest, or even treason.

In 1985, England saw one of the worst football riots when one young kid lost his life when a wall collapsed on top of him because of the fight between Birmingham City and Leeds United football hooligans. In the same year, during the European cup final game between Liverpool and Juventus, violence erupted between the fans. Liverpool fans charged their rivals, the Juventus fans fled to the safety of their own end. But under weight of numbers, a wall separating the Juventus end from the neutral area buckled and collapsed, killing 39 supporters.

Since then, FA and the government took some serious measures and harsh punishments were given to anyone who sparks or involves in any form of violent activities. This eventually reduced the disease from spreading like a wild fire. That’s not to say that football violence at stadiums does not happen anymore. Still arrests are happening every week and heavy cop protection is needed in all important games in England. Most recently an incident involving Manchester city fans and United players at Ethihad proves that some strands of viruses are still left uncured in the modern football society.

And another old trend of racially abusing the players or singing unethical chants about players and their family members is sadly still a part of this famous tradition. It gets more irritated when people justify these animal behaviors with culture and history.  If your famous culture teaches you to hate and insult other beings, believe me it’s better to ditch those so called cultural nonsense. Imagine if cannibals excited and still followed their traditions and culture.

Feeling of hate is as culpable as any terrorist acts.

Football is like dreamy Godish vision, so just remove your black glasses and enjoy the beauty of it without getting into any ugly druggish thoughts and kick out terrorism from every possible genre. Let’s put an end to this never ending internal romantic relationship between love and hate. It’s time for a change. It’s time for a breakup. Ditch the bitch called “hate”.

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