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Football Rule Changes: The Verdict

As part of the World Referee Day, which was observed around the world on the 22nd of March, football lovers were asked to suggest changes that would like added to football rules. They all gave interesting suggestions. Some of these suggestions are those that had been bothering football lovers’ minds for a very long time. However, some of those suggestions are way too controversial. But one is true though; the yearnings for changes in rules to football are palpable that world football body (FIFA) would just have to consider some of them. To measure how feasible some of the suggestions made are, some football experts were interviewed with the suggestions. These football experts were Dermot Gallagher (a former referee), Neale Barry (a football association head of referees) and a popular football manager, Mike Riley.

Bugging the Referees

The answers those expert were mixed. Some of them ruled out the some of the suggestions outright, citing reasons why they could not be accepted into the body of rules for football. The first suggested was that referees should always be mandated to wear mics and cameras so that their discussion with players on the field can be heard. Guess what the experts say; they replied the suggestion with a blatant No! Gallagher believed that should ever not be allowed to happen. He hinged his disagreement with the proposal on the issue of privacy. He said he believed it is nobody’s business whatever the referees discuss with the players on the pitch. He stretched this further when he said all referees have different personalities and their personalities dictate the way they coordinate their games. He said bugging them up will be an intrusion on their privacy. Barry submitted that bugging them up will make the referees too conscious in their officiating, which he further said, would be very bad for footballs. Mike’s contribution was that such could affect the cordial relationship between the players and the referees. Even if the player’s suggestions are not decided, has fan based pool of bookmakers.

Captains as Intercessors

The second suggested rule change was that only captains should be allowed to converse with the referees where is a need to contest a decision. On that, the experts said there could be a possibility of that happening in football soon. Gallagher hinged this possibility on the fact already captains are the main focus of every team. He said they have always been seen as the intercessors of their team. He said he sees that happening soon. Barry said works are already underway at IFAB to give more responsibilities to the captain. He said that particular clause mightbe drafted into the rules guiding football soon. There is places football fan could look for certainty; gives fan easy access to betting odds.

Unfettered Celebration

The third suggestion is about the most popular of them all. People asked that players should be booked for taking their shirts off during celebration; that they should be allowed to celebrate however they want.  On that, the experts, the experts, though they agreed it was harsh, said such wouldn’t change and that the players would just have to follow decorum during celebrations. Gallagher submitted that the rule was there for a very important reason; which is to put players’ displays of emotions in check. He,however, said a single booking should not dampen a player if they haven’t been booked twice.

Post-Match Interviews

Finally, on the issue of post-match interviews for referees, Gallagher refused it outright. He said doing that would be examining the performance of the referees. He said only the disciplinary committee has the power to evaluate the actions of the referees.