Football Honored by the Most Entertaining Casual Games

Football is by far the most followed sport in the world, with over 3 billion declared fans – and it is obviously leaving its fingerprints on many other parts of our lives. Football inspires clothing lines and video games, and its stars are used to promote an amazingly wide range of products and services. Most video games inspired by football tend to be complex simulators or “manager”-type ones, appealing to fans that are immersed deeply in the world of sports. There are, in turn, several others that offer their players a more casual approach, quick fun at the push of a button or a tap of the screen. Today we’re going to take a look at this category of football-inspired games paying a tribute to the most followed sport in the world.

Football Star

Football-related games are often simulators and managers. Football Star, a free game available at the Euro Palace Mobile, is at the other end of the spectrum: it’s a simple, casual slot machine, not only for football fans. Launched at the Euro Palace in the wake of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, the game perfectly captures the atmosphere of a match. It was launched at the right moment to appeal to football fans, yet it has kept its popularity to this day. Even today, thousands , making it one of the most popular games at the Euro Palace Casino.

Football Star is available at the Euro Palace and the Euro Palace Mobile, on all known smartphone platforms.

Flick Kick Football Legends

Flick Kick Football Legends is not your average mobile football simulator. First of all, it has a different perspective: you play the game from a first-person view, kicking the ball with a series of well-executed swipes on the screen. The game has a cartoon look and feel, which doesn’t make it any less complex – you can choose your character’s outfit, the team to represent, and the level of the championship to compete in. The game is a bit like a lazy man’s football: you can kick, tackle, and pass without all the running. It includes penalty shots and competitions, all in a surprisingly entertaining environment.

Flick Kick Football Legends is available on iOS and Android.

Pocket League Story 2

Pocket League Story 2 is a game with two faces. At the surface, it’s a simple and playful take on mobile football simulation, with pixelated graphics and a retro look and feel. Under the hood, in turn, it’s a game with many features, covering every aspect of managing a football team, from scouting players to reaching the top. What makes Pocket League Story 2 special is that players can go head-to-head with other players all over the world!


Written by SoccerSouls


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