Food For Thought: Are Liverpool Ready To Play A Heavy Metal Football This Season?


A new season beckons for Liverpool and this time, there is a positive sense of relief at the club. The Reds have not had the best of seasons post the Luis Suarez era and under their new manager Jürgen Klopp, they did lose two finals.

The loss in the Europa League final actually hit them hard as the club had put all their eggs in one basket. Winning the tournament would have seen them make it into the UEFA Champions League but that was not to be, either way, Jurgen Klopp had a full pre-season to work with the players, a luxury he did not have last time around.

Another factor that really is in his favour is the fact that the German has been able to oversee transfers. He decided not to buy players in the last winter transfer window but this time around, he has brought in a number of players.

These players are his signings, apparently, they aren’t from the fancy money ball technique that the club applies, but have been backed by the German himself. Liverpool might be without any European football but can they actually play like the German wants them to this season?

Heavy metal football is here at Liverpool

Whenever a new manager comes into a club, he wants to bring in his own ideas and style of play. While Jurgen Klopp had 2/3rds of the season to do that the last time around, he still did not have a proper pre-season to work with.

Liverpool barely had time to learn how to play under Klopp but this pre-season has sown that the Reds can get things done right, like the match against Barcelona. Sure there are a few hiccups along the way like the match against Mainz but things do look good from a tactical point of view.


Jurgen Klopp has also brought in players who will work well under his playing style. Marko Grujic, Joel Matip and even Sadio Mane look excellent so far. It was a pity that Loris Karius picked up an injury which will keep him out for a while but that does not mean he will not be able to join the side later but he does put pressure on Simon Mignolet.

While Liverpool did show glimpses of the ‘heavy metal’ football, Jurgen Klopp always speaks about last season, it didn’t come up too many times. This was the biggest problem with the side, their inconsistency.

One game they would play brilliantly against some of the big sides, but would lose out against some of the “weaker” sides. That should not be a problem this time around as the club have a large squad to deal with the high energy pressing game that Klopp likes to apply to his side.

Liverpool do not have any games in Europe, so the only times the squad will play is during the weekend and those few cup games. Those cup competitions should not be important for the Reds as this is their chance of making it back to the top four and who knows even make a run for the title.

This situation seems eerily similar to the run they had in the 2012-13 season and if Jurgen Klopp and his team play to the potential they possess, Liverpool should easily make it into the Champions League spots next season.

Fewer games, more players, Jurgen’s signings and time with the team, all the positives are there for this side to play proper heavy metal football and if they do not, then it would be a major failure of not only the team but also from the manager.

The pressure is on, but Klopp could pull off a miracle if the team gets going.

Written by Kevin Harrison

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