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FPL Tips: Avoiding these 5 mistakes would be a very wise move ahead of a tough game week 5

Five FPL mistakes you should avoid for Gameweek 5

International breaks can often lead to a lot of overthinking for Fantasy football managers as there is far too much time.

In order to let yourself stay composed, here are 5 mistakes that you should avoid as we head into game week 5:

Don’t follow the Tammy Abraham bandwagon

Tammy Abraham has been bought in by over 400,000 managers and while his price is good and he is playing for a top side, strikers are often streaky with their trends.

The time to sign him might’ve already passed for now, as they face a very resolute Wolves side at the Molineux, followed by a strong Liverpool side.

If he is already in your side, by all means, hold onto him as his value will go up but don’t fall into the trap.

Don’t swap between the likes of Sergio Aguero, Raheem Sterling and Mohammed Salah

The three players mentioned above have attained legendary status in the game and you’d ideally like to have all 3 in your side.

If that isn’t the case, don’t keep chopping and changing between one or the other based on their previous results.

If you have any two of these premium assets in your side, it’s best to simply hold onto them as the underlying numbers and results will eventually even out.

With FPL, sometimes you just have to make your bed with the players you already have as you can’t have them all. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Hold onto your wildcard

Unless your side needs serious surgery and lacks some of the essential assets, hold onto your most important chip in the first half of the season as a fairer reflection of most sides will be available with clubs taking part in more than one competition.

You’ll be aware of who’s nailed on and that will slowly allow the teams to take shape.

Avoid the Pep Roulette

Pep Guardiola is notoriously difficult for FPL managers as he has the luxury of a very strong squad and with Aymeric Laporte’s injury, everyone will be naturally inclined to think that John Stones and Nicolas Ottamendi will start most games.

However, we don’t know if they will start most games with Fernandinho also being an option.

Aymeric Laporte

Hold onto your Manchester United defenders

Manchester United’s fan base forces FPL managers to consider the intangibles as they’re always highly-owned. Despite only one clean sheet so far, they’ve actually got good underlying numbers in the defence for shots conceded.

These trends don’t tend to sustain and if you have the likes of Aaron Wan-Bissaka or Harry Maguire in your sides, wait for another game week or two before you consider selling them as there still aren’t many outstanding candidates in the defence so far.