Why Finishing Below Tottenham Is A Blessing In Disguise For Arsenal?

With just six games left of the Premier League campaign, there is a realistic possibility that Tottenham could actually end up finishing the season above Arsenal. This feat does not take place on a regular basis and the last time Spurs finished above their rivals was more than 20 years ago!

Tottenham  have been incredible this season under the management of Mauricio Pochettino and well Spurs should break the jinx of not being able to complete a Premier League season over their bitter rivals.

Arsenal might have nothing to play for come the end of the season yet again but, ending any campaign behind a rival, especially Tottenham is painful and well this could actually be a good thing for Arsene Wenger’s men.

The Gunners have played some rather incredible games, like the ones against Manchester United at the Emirates or the game against Bayern Munich at home but they have been woeful also, such as the games against Watford in the FA Cup or the timid surrender that the players displayed against Manchester United at Old Trafford.

The losses have proved that Arsenal still lack that little bit of steel that has been missing for years tough they have resolved that a bit by signing the Egyptian Mohamed Elneny, it still has not been enough to turn things around at the club after the start of the year.

Arsenal have only won 4 games in the last 10 fixtures in all competitions, losses to Swansea City and Manchester United surely have hit them hard as Tottenham have been able to get the better of their bad run of form.

This should serve as a lesson to the Arsenal players, every team is getting better with each season. Tottenham should get stronger next year also with hopefully another batch of exciting youngsters coming into the team.

Liverpool also are surely going to get better in the league under Jurgen Klopp and who knows what Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United end up doing under new management, we even counted United as Louis van Gaal could well end up being replaced by a certain Portuguese manager.

Ending a season behind Chelsea is still acceptable if the Blues have played well but losing to Tottenham in the race for a top-four spot cannot be taken by an Arsenal fan and well the Tottenham faithful will let the Gunners hear about this.

That should serve as extra motivation to ensure that they do not have to face this finish ever again. Arsenal have to learn from all their lessons and this would be the biggest one. The last time something like this happened, Arsenal finished 12th in 1995.

Arsenal have been too comfortable finishing fourth time and time again, who knows, they might even miss out on the top four this time if they do slip up. People do need a bit of a shock once in a while to get things going again and this, the ability to not finish above Tottenham, to not celebrate St Totteringham’s day will be a bitter pill to swallow.

Arsenal haven’t had to deal with adversity but Tottenham finishing above them can ensure that and well the Gunners could be charged up next season to ensure that this never repeats again. Premier League, you have been warned.

Written by Kevin Harrison

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