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FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Top Favourites to Win

As the 2022 FIFA World Cup gets underway in Qatar, punters are eager to know the top favourites to win. Many bookmakers have highlighted their favourite teams and allocated appropriate  to each team. 

So, which teams are likely to win? What are the odds your favourite team will win? This post looks at the current favourites of bookmakers with the best odds to win the 2022 FIFA World Cup.


Brazil remains the leading team among the bookmakers’ favourite teams to win. This is not surprising considering that Brazil is a chief contender being a five-time winner and consistently making it to the quarter-final since 2002 after their last World Cup victory. 

After their win in Japan and South Korea, the team made the last-eight finals in three of four tournaments.

They also made it beyond the quarter-final in 2014 and once to the semi-finals. Brazil has suffered only one defeat under Tite in their last twenty-nine matches. 

They lost to Argentina during the 2021 Copa America Final. They also topped the ground despite participating in fewer games than others except for Argentina. The team finished 21 points clear of the qualification cutoff points.


This team comes second on the list of favourite teams to win at the 2022 World Cup. As a fact, the best price on a France World Cup win is pegged at 33/5 and this is not baseless. You only need to consider that the Didier Deschamps men are legitimate tournament holders. 

Not only that, the nation consistently generates talent, making them the envy of many. Interestingly, the outcomes of numerous games have not been very encouraging.

The team only won one of the last six games they played and was barely saved from being relegated from the top tier in the UEFA Nations League. 

France was beaten away and home by Denmark and also lost woefully to Croatia in Paris. However, in the history of the World Cup, the team has had good outings winning in 1998 and 2018.


Argentina is also a two-time World Cup champion, although the victories were back in history. According to odds at bookmakers, the best deal on the odds of Argentina winning in Qatar is 38/5.

The team almost got eliminated during the 2018 World Cup but managed to get to the knockout stages. 

However, following the takeover of Lionel Scaloni, the team has become a strong contender for the World Cup championship.

It is worth mentioning that Argentina won its first COPA America in 2021 since 1993. They have played 35 games since and have not suffered any defeats.


These are the top three favourites likely to win the World Cup in Qatar. Other favourites include England and Spain.

We recommend you go through different websites to check quoted odds before you bet on any team during the World Cup event. You may want to use some odds checker platforms for more accurate predictions.