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Few New Year Resolutions Arsene Wenger Should Take This Year – Arsenal Blog

It is that time of the year folks, a New Year is upon us and that only means one thing, apart from the parties and dancing, yes, it is time for resolutions. For some reason, everyone decides to take up New Year’s resolutions and inevitably they all end up being broken promises or it is just a way to make sure that you are a part of the whole shebang and be left out.

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That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t keep resolutions and it isn’t like our footballing heroes don’t do the same. Managers and players all want to be part of the festive season and here are some of Arsene Wenger’s New Year resolutions:

“I will not sell my best players who then comeback to bite me”

Arsene Wenger for all his genius intellect often ends up making the wrong move in the transfer window, selling your best player is bad enough, selling him to a direct rival is worse. Wenger sold Robin Van Persie to Manchester United a couple of years back and that effectively led the Red Devils to the title under Sir Alex Ferguson.

He did the same for Cesc Fabregas, though he sold him to Barcelona and Fabregas did want to leave but when he had a chance to sign Fabregas again this season, he didn’t take up the option and we know how well Cesc has been doing at Chelsea.

“I will buy a proper defensive midfielder and not try to shoehorn players into the role”

This may sound like an old broken record playing at around 5 RPM but Arsene Wenger should sign a proper defensive midfielder, just someone who doesn’t go and attack but is willing to sit back and cover the defenders in case they get caught out and tackle the opponent.

There have been innumerable calls from pundits to ex-players about the need for some steel In midfield and in defence, while defensively Arsenal do alright, they have lacked that one destroyer in midfield since the Vieira days and Arsene just does not want to fix that. Players get linked every transfer window for Arsenal with respect to the defensive midfield spot and it goes away like Christmas pudding, time to fix this.

“I will have different game plans for different teams”

Someone pointed out that Arsene Wenger does not set out to play teams but rather he takes his playing 11 and they are supposed to play the same way against every opponent. That might work in a league where Arsenal are the Barcelona or Real Madrid of the EPL but it never works that way. The thrashings at Liverpool and Chelsea showed that but recently Stoke have found a way of getting in and creating a lot of problems for Arsenal.

Arsene Wenger must learn that the league has become miles better than 10 years ago, now other teams also have technically gifted players and that teams do learn how to deal with teams which on paper have a better squad than them. Arsene Wenger must learn that playing the same way at Stoke and at the Emirates cannot be one and the same, the faster Arsenal set out plans to play other teams, the faster they will beat them and end up winning the Premier League after quite a while.

“I will get a new wardrobe”

Because we are all sick of his Grey/Black suits and that Navy blue windcheater which goes till his knees, come one Mr. Wenger, be a fashionista.