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Fan Opinion: Should Stevie G Restart Playing For Liverpool?

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Steven Gerrard

It was all smiles at Anfield and Melwood as a familiar figure strode into the club light a knight in shining armour. Steven Gerrard was back at Liverpool this week as he trained with the club and even had a bit of a chat with Jurgen Klopp, the new Liverpool manager. Gerrard was also present in the stadium when Liverpool defeated Swansea to give Klopp’s first win at Anfield.

Steven Gerrard
Steven Gerrard

There were a lot of rumours speculating the future of the former Liverpool captain when he joined the LA Galaxy after last season, many expected him to join the club later on in January, but that option did not seem feasible at the time and doesn’t seem all that feasible now either. Brendan Rodgers might have had a hand in seeing the legend move away from the club but bringing him back in any role at the moment on a permanent or even loan basis wouldn’t be the smartest move for the Reds.

Legend to stay in LA

Let’s get a few things straight, Gerrard is one of the best players that Liverpool have had in the Premier League era. He probably is one of the best players to have played in the Premier League and everyone will attest that he was one of the best midfielders in the world at his time.

But that time has passed away, Gerrard was often caught out last season, his pace has gone, he was known for his dynamic play and that, as with age, also fades away. Gerrard was a fierce competitor and asking him to play in the rough and tumble world of the Premier League when he has been away for almost half a season is akin to driving a Formula E car against a Formula 1 car.

Gerrard does have a lot of leadership qualities and that is something which he should pass on the players at the club. Everyone admires Gerrard for all the hard work he put into the team and people would love to learn whatever they can from the Liverpool legend.

The likes of Henderson and Can can certainly pick up a few tips and tricks from the Liverpool talisman and even some of the younger players who might not have had a chance to interact with him such as Ings, Origi and Firmino.

Gerrard can also be given a bit of a coaching role at the club, he could provide Klopp with a few tips and tricks about the locality as well, but anything more would be an insult to Klopp, who has been brought here to do a job. Gerrard does provide a lot of positive quality to the team and the club in general, this is not in any way related to the way Liverpool would perform on the field, it is like a son coming back home after a 6-month trip to the US.

Gerrard picked the MLS for a reason, not only for the slightly lower level of play but also for the lifestyle where he can stay away from the limelight and glitz of being a Liverpool player once again. He made his choice and we must accept that, now is not the time for Gerrard to make a return to Liverpool in a playing capacity, cue a few more years down the line and he could well be the man who replaces Klopp, that can certainly happen.