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Falcao gone, Lewandowski Unlikely…Chelsea Could Lose More Striker Targets

Gomez to Chelsea? Is it possible? 

Chelsea have already lost out on Falcao this season with the former Atletico Madrid star opting for a move to Ligue 1 side Monaco. Although a section of the media and the fans largely blame him and cite his greed for money as the reason for his transfer, we have come to know that the situation was not one dimensional as it is portrayed to be.

Falcao was partially owned by a sporting rights company that could dictate the terms of his playing to a lot extent and it was not left upon the player’s choice to move to a different club. In this process Chelsea and Manchester City may sulk over the fact that they have missed out on the maverick striker.

But simply being morose would not solve the problem for Chelsea at the moment and with Jose Mourinho being officially confirmed by the club to take over the team next season, they need to act fast in signing a world class striker who can score the goals that Torres or Ba have not.

While they already have Lewandowski and Rooney in their radar, both these transfers seem impractical. Lewandowski has made it very clear that if he leaves Dortmund next season, then he should be in Bayern Munich, the league champions to be taken over by Pep Guardiola, who will be back from his self imposed sabbatical. Manchester United, on the other hand, would not want Rooney to move to a rival club and while the striker may have a lot of class left in him, as displayed with his goal against Brazil yesterday, he could be settling for PSG, a side which is a part of the poorer Ligue 1.

Under these conditions Mourinho should seriously consider current Bayern Munich striker Mario Gomez for his team. Gomez, who has been constantly been sidelined by his own team, may even further move down the pecking order if Bayern successfully brings in Lewandowski. The striker, who has already made his concerns for lack of playing time clear, would be an ideal fit in Mourinho’s side which plays pretty much the same way as the German champions.

His 19 goals from 32 appearances also validates the truth that he is still one of the best out there and given the fact that he will be available for almost half the price of Falcao, Gomez should ideally be brought in.

The only concern may be of an injury which Gomez faced in Euro 2012. The fifty million spent on Torres must still be haunting the Chelsea hierarchy and they may thus be sceptical to bring in another injury ridden player to the club.

Albeit, there are strong rumours suggesting that both Cavani and Gomez may just slip out the Blues hands. Gomez has been linked with a move to Italy with Napoli as the potential destination according the German newspaper Bild, which suggest that Mario Gomez is on his way to the Stadio San Paolo. And to add to the misery, Chelsea will also have a tough time in luring Edinson Cavani, as he is under the ex-Chelsea boss Benitez who is desperate to keep hold of the Uruguayan despite strong interests from Man city and Chelsea. All in all, if City gets Cavani, Napoli are more likely to get Gomez leaving Chelsea empty handed unless Roman steps in and splashes crazy money on wage and transfer fee.

We leave you with the stats of both Gomez and Cavani here, courtesy of Squawka

Edinson Cavani
Edinson Cavani

Mario Gomez
Mario Gomez