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The transfer season has not started yet and already Arsenal are making all the right kind of noises. First they made their intent clear when they made advancements for Jovetic and then for even a bigger star, Higuain.

After that the rumours started getting kind of bizarre with Wayne Rooney being linked the club, although both the club sources and the player have maintained that a move like that was not on the cards.

Now the most unprecedented of rumours have started spreading with former Arsenal skipper Cesc Fabregas’s name being dragged to the incoming players list.

Cesc back at the Emirates? Isin’t that the Gunners have been longing to hear ever since he left to Spain? Many Arsenal fan’s hearts have already started to race with even the name of the player being linked with a possibility of a return, but as much as we want them to enjoy the thought of the Spaniard making a return to England, we want to warn them that Fabregas has also been linked to Manchester United, the club which want to seriously strengthen their midfield next season.

Now if Fabregas makes a return to Arsenal it will have many an important effects on the team, the primary being the moral boost that the club and the supporters will receive. For years it has been a tradition that Arsenal creates a star and then the star is hijacked by teams such as Barcelona and Manchester United, but will they get one in their favour for a change? It has always been an one way traffic till now. Therefore the Gunners do have a chance to change the scenario this season with both Rooney and Fabregas on the radar. The acquisition of a United and Barcelona superstar will send a definitive message that the days of luring away an Arsenal player is long gone and Wenger is capable to successfully turn the tide.

Secondly, a player like Fabregas would make the team formidable beyond imagination. He could play his role behind the striker once again and that would allow the manager to move for a player like Higuain, who is a clear target man, instead of Jovetic who also plays in a similar role as Fabregas.

But it is still very early days and so far Fabregas has rejected to all the rumours of him leaving the Catalan club. But then two months are a long time in football and by late August he may again don the Arsenal colours, an occasion of homecoming for one of their most adored star.

Quote taken from The Shortfuse,

According to Twitter’s @Geoff Arsenal – one of two or three people whose “inside scoops” interest me at all – there’s at least a possibility that Cesc could return to Arsenal, and that it could be done relatively soon. Look:

Just had a 15min telephone call with someone i trust implicitly. This person is telling me the Cesc Fabregas to Arsenal could happen soon!

— Geoff Arsenal (@GeoffArsenalMay 31, 2013

And some of his Tweets ,

I know, its coming from a Twitter account, but believe me Geoff, knows way better than some of us here. And I am no way suggesting that this could happen, there have been equal rumours about Fabregas staying at Barcelona. For all what we know, we can just sit and hope that the prodigal son will be back with his father soon enough.

And before I leave, here is another Tweet to splash water on you fans to come back to reality. A Tweet by @GuillemBalague, who writes and talks about football with the major players that are out there.

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