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Expect A Busy Window Now That Mourinho’s Back, Scouting 2 Possible Midfield Targets For Chelsea

Mourinho has finally arrived!

With Chelsea making an official statement of Jose Mourinho’s return to the club yesterday, it is time for Roman Abramovich to open his cheque books and go on a spending spree. So who are the possible targets? Well, we can never know what’s in Roman’s mind or for that matter Mourinho’s mind.

According to the Daily mail, Mourinho latest words:

“We have to improve the team, and when I say improve the team, people are already thinking about how many millions Chelsea are going to spend.

‘When I say improve the team I am saying improving by work. My work has to improve players and improve the team. If I don’t do that I am not happy with myself.  

‘If after that we can improve the team by buying a couple of players, then fantastic.

‘I want to start from ground zero, I need to work hard again and build a different team from the team I built in the past. I want to forget that I was champion here and I want to have that pressure on myself like it is the first time I am here.’

From Jovetic to Cavani, From Mangala to De Rossi expect anyone to don the Blue Jersey next season. It is imminent that despite Mou’s words Roman as always will spend big, but as of now we will just have to sit and wait.

Here are two players who are in Chelsea’s radar and who dictate terms from the midfield. While one among them is Everton star Marouane Fellaini, whom David Moyes is keen to take with to United, the other player is Lazio’s Brazilian midfielder Hernanes. Mourinho will be looking to sign one among, them providing us with reasons enough to compare the statistics of the two.

For a start, let us state that both the player’s statistics look strikingly similar. Both of them have scored exactly eleven goals this season for their clubs. While Fellaini has done it from 31 appearances, Hernanes has takes three games more to reach the landmark. Even the average shot accuracy of Fellaini and Hernanes are 60% and 56% respectively, giving us too little too choose from.

Here are their overall stats, courtesy of Squawka.com



But when it comes to passing accuracy Hernanes as you can see from the above image, outscores with his 85% accuracy in comparison to Fellaini’s 79%. However, Fellaini has played out of his usual position this season, he was utilized in a more attacking role than his usual defensive mid role whereas Hernanes has played in a more pivotal role. But judging only by this, we cannot determine that one has an edge over the other. But both the players can be a sensible recruit for Chelsea, who will be happy to have a midfielder operating from a bit deep and also dropping back in times of needs.

Both these players have a sort of defensive acumen and they can clear chances when the opposition is posing a goal threat.

But the main point for Chelsea will be the age difference between the two players with Hernanes being three years senior to the Belgian. This would shift the weight towards Fellaini, who is also blessed with a vast amount of raw physicality. Fellaini is a proven material in the Premier League and would not waste any time getting adjusted to the league.

But if Fellaini decides to move to Manchester United, Chelsea can gladly settle for Hernanes, valued at £22m, £3m less than Fellaini. It’s still very early days in the transfer market and surely a lot of changes will take place once it goes into full swing.