Everything You Need To Know About This Promising Dutch Winger That Liverpool Are Chasing?

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New prospects seem to be appearing by the second, and that new tendency among the big clubs of signing youngsters is quickly spreading among almost every single team in Europe right now, with hundreds of scouts working around the clock in order to find the newest gem of this beautiful sport.

A country that’s been the home of dozens of great prospects over the past few years is Netherlands, as the Dutch are constantly developing young speedsters with a great feel for the game, especially on the offensive side of the pitch.

So, one of the most recent discoveries from this country is Spartak Moscow’s forward Quincy Promes, a versatile attacking midfielder that’s been currently scouted by several European giants, including Mauricio Pochettino’s Tottenham Hotspur and Jurgen Klopp’s full steamed offensive Liverpool.

Prome is a 24-year-old from Ajax’s  academy and is currently playing in Russia after making some great appearances for FC Twente a couple of seasons ago, earning several calls to defend his nation at the Dutch team, and currently taking the starting job from fellow pacy winger Memphis Depay.

He’s been linked with several big clubs since the past season, as his development has been continuous and his progress notorious, and he can play with both feet with great ease with the same success, being able to play on both flanks of the pitch or behind the strikers on the centre of the offence.

Prome is great at finishing with both feet and he’s an outstanding dribbler, as he takes the ball away from the defenders with relative ease. On top of that, he’s an amazing passer with a great mind for the offence, constantly sending through balls and key crosses to set his teammates up with great opportunities and he has a stunning ability to take precise long shots as well.

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However, sometimes he lacks offensive awareness and can be very lazy on the defensive side of the pitch, something that he needs to improve if he wants to make it at a contender like Jurgen Klopp’s side.

Quincy’s contract is about to expire, and his current value of 20 million pounds (according to transfer market) make it a very interesting player to follow by the biggest clubs across Europe, as that’s a very low price to pay considering how much talent this youngster has.

He’d actually be a great fit for Klopp’s team, as he has all the features that the German boss likes on his attacking players, since the forward plays with a lot of heart and outstanding mobility, and he could be a great addition to that Sadio Mane, Philippe Coutinho and Roberto Firmino lethal trio.

On top of that, Mane’s going to be out for a month and a half in order to play for his national team at this upcoming African Cup, so it’ll make a lot of sense for the Reds to try to make a run at him right now and bring him to Merseyside this January.

There’s no doubt about Prome’s talent, but he still has some areas left for improvement given his young age and style of play, but he’d be an excellent purchase for the Reds if they finally wind up signing him.

Written by Ernesto Cova

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