Everton Player Wages 2022: Weekly salaries, contract details, and agents

Everton F.C was one of the oldest clubs in the World. Here we bring you all the latest player wages and weekly salaries from Rangers F.C

The People’s Club is one of the veteran clubs in the World and comes in the top 15 most valuable teams. They are one of the highest paying football teams in the Premier League, and a number of its players are on lucrative contracts in the Premier League. Here we tell you about the player wages, weekly salaries and contract details of Everton.

Current Everton Players Wages and Contracts 2022

Everton was the founder member of the Football League in 1888 and has competed in the top division for a record 118 seasons. They are the second-longest continuous serving club in English top-flight football and rank third in the all-time points rankings. They won their first League Championship back in the 1890-91 season. After that, they won two league championships, one F.A. Cup and the 1985 European Winners Cup.

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The Club was founded as St. Domingo’s F.C. in 1878 so that members of the congregation of St. Domingo Methodist New Connexion Chapel in Breckfield Road North. Everton F.C is a limited company with the board of directors holding a majority of the shares. The Club agreed to an extended team loan of £30 million with Bear Stearns and Prudential plc in 2002 for 25 years. Goodison Park is secured as collateral. However, on February 27 2016, it was announced that Farhad Moshiri would buy a 49.9% stake in the Club. In 2018 Farhad bought all of Jon Woods’s shares and took his ownership to 58.8%, now his shares to 68.6%.

Everton’s highest-paid player

Yerry Mina is the highest-paid player for Everton, with a yearly salary of £6,240,000 and a weekly wage of £120,000. The Colombian International signed with Everton in a deal worth €30 million on August 8, 2018.

GW15 Differentials: Yerry Mina
Yerry Mina is the highest-paid player for Everton (Premier League)

He scored his first goal for Everton in a 5-1 away win against Burnley. Mina shares the record for most goals in a single World Cup by a defender at the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Everton Player Wages 2022 and contracts- Complete list 

Player NamePositionAgeContract ExpiryAnnual SalaryWeekly WagesAgent
Yerry MinaD272024£ 62,40,000£ 1,20,000Wasserman
Andre GomesM282024£ 58,35,000£ 1,12,212Wasserman
Jordan PickfordGK282024£ 52,00,000£ 1,00,000ICM Stellar Sports
Richarlison de AndradeF242023£ 46,80,000£ 90,000CAA Base Ltd
Ben GodfreyD242025£ 40,00,000£ 76,923New Era Global Sports
Abdoulaye DoucouréM292024£ 39,00,000£ 75,000
Seamus ColemanD332023£ 36,40,000£ 70,000
Allan LoureiroM312023£ 36,40,000£ 70,000
Jean-Philippe GbaminM262024£ 33,80,000£ 65,000Bernard Collignon
Michael KeaneD292025£ 33,80,000£ 65,000New Era Global Sports
Niels NkounkouD212023£ 28,60,000£ 55,000Sport Profile
Moise KeanF222024£ 27,65,000£ 53,173Mino Raiola
Alex IwobiF252024£ 26,00,000£ 50,000Elite Project Group Ltd
Tom DaviesM232023£ 13,00,000£ 25,000
Mason HolgateD252025£ 13,00,000£ 25,000New Era Global Sports
Dominic Calvert-LewinF252025£ 10,40,000£ 20,00011 Wins
Anthony GordonF212025£ 5,20,000£ 10,000Unique Sports Group
Joao VirginiaGK222024£ 5,20,000£ 10,000Wasserman
Dele AlliM262024£ 41,60,000£ 80,000CAA Base Ltd
Asmir BegovicGK342023£ 24,96,000£ 48,000Wasserman
Jarrad BranthwaiteD192026£ 2,65,200£ 5,100
Nathan BroadheadF242023£ 1,50,800£ 2,900
Demarai GrayM252025£ 21,84,000£ 42,000
Nathangelo MarkeloD232023
Vitaliy MykolenkoD222026Pro Star
Nathan PattersonD202027
Salomon RondonF322024£ 22,36,000£ 43,000JM10 Sport
Andros TownsendM302023£ 24,96,000£ 48,000Unique Sports Group

Everton loaned out players’ wages and contracts in 2022

Player NamePositionAgeContract ExpiryAnnual SalaryWeekly WagesAgent
Jean-Philippe GbaminM262024£ 33,80,000£ 65,000Bernard Collignon
Niels NkounkouD212023£ 28,60,000£ 55,000Sport Profile
Moise KeanF222024£ 27,65,000£ 53,173Mino Raiola
Joao VirginiaGK222024£ 5,20,000£ 10,000Wasserman
Anwar El GhaziM252023£ 19,76,000£ 38,000Gestifute
Donny van de BeekM242025£ 52,00,000£ 1,00,000HCM Sports Management

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions about  Everton 

Below are some of the common questions fans have regarding some of Everton’s main players.

  1. Who is the highest-paid player at Everton?

As of 2022, Yerry Mina is the highest-paid player at Everton with a weekly wage of £120,000.

2. What is the total team value of Everton?

According to Forbes, the total team value of Everton is around $658 Million as of April 2021.

3. How much does Everton spend on total annual wages?

As per Spotrac, Everton is spending close to £56 million every single season on player wages

4. Who is the all-time top scorer for Everton in their history?

Dixie Dean is the all-time top goalscorer with  383 goals.

Everton FC legend Dixie Dean scored 85 goals in a year - just like Lionel  Messi and Gerd Muller - Liverpool Echo
Dixie Dean (Liverpool Echo)

5. How much does David Moyes earn in a year?

David Moyes has a £5 million a year contract at Everton F.C.

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