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Eva Carneiro And Jose Mourinho: What The Portuguese Boss Should Have Done?

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Jose Mourinho

The saga at Chelsea goes on, after Diego Costa got banned for his part of the madness at Stamford Bridge during the club’s 2-0 win over Arsenal, an old issue has come back to haunt Jose Mourinho once again. Eva Carneiro, the infamous Chelsea physio has decided to leave her post at the club six weeks after she was criticised by Mourinho in Chelsea’s 2-2 draw with Swansea.’

Eva Carneiro
Eva Carneiro

Eva had gone onto the pitch to treat Eden Hazard, while Chelsea already were down to 10 men, Jose Mourinho was fuming at Eva at the time but she only came on the pitch to treat Hazard once he and the referee had signalled for medical attention to be given to the Belgian attacker.

Allegations of abuse and sexist remarks have also been put on Mourinho, while Chelsea have decided not to comment on this issue stating this to be an internal staff matter, Eva might be looking at her options at legal actions against the club.

Mourinho has been heavily criticised by many sections of the footballing world, especially since Eden Hazard could have been severely injured and had Eva not gone onto the pitch, it could have been a major problem for the winger. Jose Mourinho was also wrong in trying to deny her the opportunity to treat a player, after all that is her job but the fact that he could have used sexist or abusive language against a fellow professional should not be tolerated.

Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho has a decison to make

Mourinho should be fined or banned for a game or two as he denied a doctor from carrying out her duty to treat an injured player, at least Mourinho was trying to do that. Eva Carneiro was in her right to go onto the pitch and treat Hazard, however seriously injured he was, he also deserves to get treatment especially when he asked for the doctor to come onto the pitch.

Mourinho might consider winning the most important thing in football but he cannot decide when a player receives treatment and when they shouldn’t. Jose might be loved at Chelsea but his desire to control almost every aspect of the club doesn’t work really well and this could be a sign of him retaliating since he didn’t have the best transfer windows with Chelsea this season. Either way, Eva Carneiro’s relation with Chelsea is coming to an end and as she mulls legal action, Jose Mourinho could be in a world of pain with no doctor to treat this issue at all.

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