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Essential Traits Of A Successful Footballer

There is simply no denying that soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world. It’s an international sport that’s played internationally at an international level. Teams from all over the world compete in front of adoring fans from all around the world. It’s a sport that uniting cultures, fans, nations, and people from all walks of life.

Heck, the United States has even adopted the sport as a national favorite, as there are now many American High Schools that have their own teams that compete in leagues and tournaments.

That being said, becoming a top footballer isn’t the easiest thing in the world with all the widespread popularity. If you want to be the very best of the best player you can be, you’ll need to understand the very basics of a successful footballer. What exactly is it that makes a good football player so good?

man playing soccer

Ball Control

Ball control would without a doubt have to be at the top of today’s list. When we talk about ball control, we are talking about one’s ability to collect the ball while also gaining control of it.

This oftentimes requires more than just using the feet. It requires using all parts of the body like the head, chest, and legs. A player with good ball control abilities will not only be able to pick the ball right out of the air or off the ground from opponents, but they’ll be able to receive ground and air passes while keeping the ball close to their bodies.

However, above all else, ball control is about maintaining the position of that ball.

Dribbling Skills

If you bet on soccer games with quality online providers like Judi Bola, you already know just how important dribbling is to the professional soccer player.

This skill is one that refers to the player’s ability to move up and down the pitch with the ball. If a player can effectively get the ball to the other end of the pitch, they might as well just pass it to the other team because that’s where it will eventually end up.

A player with the pertinent dribbling skills will be able to move the play in a variety of directions at a variety of speeds while avoiding the competition and maintaining control every step of the way. Maneuvering through opponents without losing possession of the ball is key here.

Passing Accuracy

You’ve heard the phrase- there is no I in team. Well, that applies to all team sports and given that soccer is just as much as a team sport like any other, it applies. Consider the number of players and opponents on the field at a given time, and it’s something that applies even more importantly in this game.

That being said, passing accuracy is something that refers to the player’s ability to send the ball to his or her desired destination. This could not only mean sending the ball directly to the feet of a teammate, but it could mean sending the ball through the air with the proper weight and space.