EPL Ride During X’MAS: The Most Important Period Of The Season !!!

Well all the talk is about looming Transfer Window in January, Who are the bargain buys and who are not !!! But certain teams may be out of the running before the reinforcement comes in…

Lets start off with title chase :

Well for past 3 seasons in EPL, teams that have been on top during Christmas has gonna on to lift the holy grail !!! If the flow continues MANCHESTER UNITED will be champions in May, the fixture list for Red Devils during festive period is not hard but they may pay dearly if they are complacent. Having SWANSEA away seems the hardest tie, NewCastle & WBA & Wigan may be cake walk but the ever leaking defense is worrying sign, If MAN UNITED get 12 in 12 and City do Slip Up … Trophy will remain in MANCHESTER although in the Red Half .

The battle of Manchester continues...
The battle of Manchester continues…

Man City have their own issues , All self inflicted and all unresolved. Balotelli the player is hardly worn the city sleeve and Dzeko the super sub wants to be normal starter !!! Well MANCINI’s men have Reading & Sunderland to start of and Norwich & Stoke to follow. Sunderland & Norwich away games and tough ones owing to one club’s relegation and another’s hot form. City have all the hard work to do catching united and making sure they don’t slip up along with the internal struggles seems near to impossible.

European Challenge & Mid table :

From 3rd Place team to 11th Place team all there is 6 points ,This shows the merry go round show for Europe  teams that have  blown hot and cold. The contenders Chelsea, Arsenal , Spurs & Everton all eying champions league spot will definitely wanna win 4 in 4 during festive period but lack luster performances by London teams and shortage of resources for Toffees always keeps the door open for teams like WestBrom, Norwich and West Ham.

Once a part of big 4 Liverpool are toothless in attack and heartless in defense , the defeat by Villa has only woken most Scousers to reality that their team in not even worthy of top 10. Chelsea & Arsenal all fighting the same bullet , Managers not welcomed and Players not skilled enough to get 10/10 performance week in and week out, Losing to teams like Swansea, WBA and having large number of draws is just not enough for their followers. Spurs have been outstanding @ times this season , Stat goes by saying if every game was 80 minutes Spurs would have been up-top well the reality is their defense dozes of during last 10 minutes and some of substitutes are not worthy of the shirt.

European dreams are on for WBA & Norwich but both team will meet MANCHESTER clubs over festive period and Norwich have Chelsea too …. Bubbles may be bursted and realty may finally set in for them , if they escape unhurt who knows West Brom may be playing Madrid next season.

Relegation Battle:

Wow wouldn’t anyone like 12 points here, QPR , Reading, Saints, NewCastle, Sunderland, Villa and Wigan of course season contender for this place. As Harry started his magic well we gotta wait and watch if he gets 10 in 12 points he may be sitting in 11th place but QPR are team of individuals more than a team. Mercurial Taarbat seems to deceived and Cisse for all his hard work just doesn’t score enough. NewCastle fighting to keep Ba and struggling to win, Jordies are heart broken – last season they were in cloud 9 and this season they are striking form worth cell dweller.

Teams at the bottom are desperate to avoid relegation

Saints have been in good run but can they keep it up with games against Stoke & Arsenal things may get hard for them. Wigan well last season they were punching way beyond their weight to keep float and this season they need to do something of same. Kone has been revelation but leaky defense and error prone keeper has left short, Games against Arsenal & United will be challenges beyond them. Sunderland just dont score without Fletcher, they hardy have any one who can create chances and most of their goals come from long range shorts, all reasons pointing for better mid field . Martin O’neil needs to buy and buy badly!

Villa too have a young team @ times sensational like last week @ Anfield and at times woeful like the game @ Etihad, Need to strike consistency and need to do it fast. Well among all the teams fighting for Relegation, One team is almost certain to go down and that team is Reading, Just not enough quality and defense that split up like ocean lack of coherence and just not worthy of league, can they prove the pundits and me wrong well Royals I’m sorry the levels are not just up there!

Top Gainers  over next phase will be Manchester United and Spurs, Red Devils may run away with a lead that can be stretched far beyond imagination of City and Spurs may be in Champions league spot way ahead of Gunners.

Top Loosers   will be Sunderland and Reading … Hard fixtures and lack of quality may seal the faith of Cell Dwellers !!!


Written by Dinesh V

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