Enough Is Enough: Three Reasons Why Liverpool Should Sell Their Want Away Defender

Brendan Rodgers

Although Liverpool have lost Luis Suarez, they have done very well to address the areas of the squad that needed attention. Not only will have a brand-new attack this season, but they have also made quite a few shrewd purchases in defense. Last season, one of Liverpool’s biggest problem areas was defense.

Far too often, they were caught out at the back, having thrown too many men forward in attack. Brendan Rodgers seems to have realized that and has made a couple of really good purchases in defense. The acquisition of Dejan Lovren from Southampton means that the Reds finally have a reliable defender who is proven in the Premier League. That along with the acquisition of Alberto Moreno from Sevilla means that the Reds have addressed their center back and left back problems.

What those two signings also means is that Daniel Agger’s game time is going to be significantly reduced. The Danish center back has already hit out at not having enough opportunities at Anfield and there are reports that he wants out. So should Liverpool let go of their vice-captain? Here are three reasons why Liverpool should consider selling Agger.

His age and injury-prone nature

While it is true that Daniel Agger is only 29, an age in which most central defenders are at their peak, he is still old compared to Liverpool’s other center backs. While his age wouldn’t be a problem in and of itself, the bigger problem is his pace or lack of it. Although Agger is a solid defender his lack of pace has got him into trouble on more than one occasion and that is something that is only going to get worse with age.

Even if you consider the fact that Agger isn’t very old, what doesn’t work in Agger’s favor is his fitness. His past few seasons have seen diminishing returns and the last thing the Reds would want to do is keep hold of a injury-prone defender who has no pace and is increasingly looking like he is past it.

Wealth of options at center back

Another reason why Liverpool shouldn’t mind letting go of Agger is because of the options they have at the back. They have not one not two, but three top-quality defenders who are either in their prime or close to being there. Seeing as the Reds only play a four-man defense, they should be more than enough and even if injuries hit, they have Kolo Toure as a fourth choice center back which isn’t bad at all.

In Lovren and Sakho they have two players who are likely to be the future of the Reds back-line for years to come. Already last season Skrtel and Sakho seemed to have developed a very good understanding in central defense and the addition of the 25-year-old Lovren means that the Reds defense is well sorted for the next few years.

He doesn’t want to be at Anfield

Agger has only played for two clubs in his entire career and ever since his move from Brondby to Liverpool in January 2006, he has given his heart and soul to the Reds. His loyalty to the club looked beyond any doubt as he stuck with the club even when they didn’t have Champions League football, refusing the advances of Manchester City and Liverpool and firmly establishing himself as a fan’s favorite.

But his recent outburst that he doesn’t want to be anybody’s third-choice shows that he now regards first-team football over his loyalty to the club. With the club having plenty of choices in defense and the player clearly wanting out, the club could do worse than sell him. With Arsenal and Barcelona reportedly interested in snapping up the defender for about £12 million, the Reds should consider selling him or they might risk being left with a player who doesn’t want to be there.

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