Enough Is Enough – It Is Time For This Manchester United Academy Product To Leave The Club

Jesse Lingard Scored A Wonderful Goal For Manchester United
Jesse Lingard

Why Jesse Lingard Should Leave Manchester United As Quickly As Possible

Manchester United are enjoying a pretty great season so far, but with the winter transfer window fast approaching, it is time for Jose Mourinho to consider which players he can off-load in January. One player who has been struggling for game time despite being a quality player is Jesse Lingard.

The versatile midfielder has been lacking adequate game time since the previous season, even more so after the arrival of Henrikh Mkhitaryan. In fact, even after his slow start, Mkhitaryan saw more time on the field which does throw light on the fact that perhaps Jose Mourinho is not too confident with deploying Lingard.

Make no mistake – Lingard is a top-quality midfielder and is extremely versatile. He could be a valuable addition for any side but it’s just that he doesn’t seem to have a place in Mourinho’s new look United. His abilities are not quite up to the standard of his fellow attacking midfielders at the club, and unlike Ashley Young, he doesn’t appear to have the ability to play in defence.

These are a few of the reasons as to why Lingard has fallen so low in the pecking order. He did come on for a few minutes during Manchester United’s goal-less draw with Liverpool, but he failed to make any sort of impact. Furthermore, the general consensus among the fans was that Mourinho should not have brought Lingard on.

Moreover, Lingard’s international aspirations could take a massive hit since he has not been getting enough playing minutes. It almost seems like the player is wasting time at United right now. It is understandable that perhaps Lingard is hesitant to leave a club like the Old Trafford side, but his career growth could be stunted if he continues like this.

He is only 24 years of age, meaning he has several years of top-quality football to offer. But that can only happen when he nurtures his talent further by clocking enough minutes on the field. Thus, a move to join a different club could massively benefit the player on a personal level, while also helping him boost the progress in his career chart.

For any young player, it is important for them to believe that they can play their way into the manager’s plans. However, at a club like Manchester United, the present is more important than the future and Lingard cannot afford to spend more time waiting around for that elusive chance. Lingard is still relatively young, and English. These factors play into United’s hands, giving the club the chance to pick up a decent fee for the academy product.

Written by Meghna Sengupta

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