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Enough Is Enough – Are Arsenal Ready To Do The Unthinkable?

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Arsene Wenger

A watershed moment for Sir Alex Ferguson was when he won the FA Cup by beating Crystal Palace but 1989 could have turned out all so different out all so different if the Scot was sacked as many fans and pundits predicted.

Manchester United stuck with the man and well, he did become a legend at the club, a similar story could have taken place at Arsenal but for the last few years. Arsene Wenger’s good work in winning the league title and making Arsenal a powerhouse has gone down the drain due to the side not picking up the Premier League for over 10 years.

Truth be told, any manager at a top level club not winning the title in five years would have been shown the door unless they went on to do well in Europe, something that Wenger has not been able to achieve during his time at Arsenal.

The fans have been baying for Wenger to leave the club, especially after this season which should have seen Arsenal win the league due to the debacles of Manchester United, Chelsea, and Manchester City but Arsenal yet again failed big-time with January starting the problems for the Gunners.

Arsenal have won just two home games in the Premier League since February and Wenger, despite the pressure, has stated that he would be seeing out his contract, which is till 2017. Sacking Wenger wouldn’t actually seem all that respectable given what he has done for the club but is there any hope for the Gunners next season?

Same old Arsenal

It really does look rather bleak for the Gunners, not in a sense that they will fall away from the top four or not play some exciting football but they just do not seem to be able to get the right results at the right time of the season.

Arsenal do not have the steel in the team to grind out results and even end up losing from good positions. Wenger has not been able to deal with this mental issue and this will plague them until the Frenchman does leave and an able replacement is brought to deal with the players at the Emirates.

It also seems like the players are following a cycle of just playing out the season after a few months. They start a season on fire, lose steam after Christmas and somehow creep into the Champions League. This might not be the case next year as Liverpool could be better under Jurgen Klopp and we have already seen Tottenham and Leicester do well this time around.

Chelsea under Antonio Conte will also be a beast to reckon with for Arsenal and if the Gunners do miss out on the Champions League, that could be the final straw for the Arsenal fans and surely for the board also.

Arsenal needs a kick to get things going again, speaking recently about his time at the club and how the fans have had a go this season, Wenger had this to say “Judgement from people is something we have to live with. It’s down to us to change that belief and judgement.”

Probably for Arsene, that judgement will come next season which probably won’t be all that good for the French manager.