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Enough Is Enough: Chelsea Should Sell This Midfielder To AC Milan In The January Window – Agreed?

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It’s always sad when a talented player gets relegated to the bench either because there are players that fit better in what the boss wants or because their current bosses simply don’t like their style of play, so they get frustrated and start to lose momentum on their careers.

Even if most of the times these players seems keen to earn a steady starting job or even a starring role off the bench, it’s very difficult to change their bosses minds and only a miracle (or a tragic injury) can bring them back into the first team’s plans.

And that’s exactly what is happening with both Oscar and Cesc Fabregas at Chelsea, specially with the latter, who’s been outstanding on the pitch when given the chance but haven’t been able to contribute for the Blues due to alleged injuries, but everybody knows that even if he was fit, he wouldn’t be playing because he doesn’t interest Antonio Conte at all.

So, it’s only natural to think that this guy has to get out of Stamford Bridge as soon as he can if he wants to revive his career from the dust, and the 29-year-old will have several suitors more than willing to make a run at him.

Fabregas has been linked with various Premier League sides like Manchester City, but he has caught the attention of Italian side’s AC Milan the most, as the Rossoneri tried to get him at the start of the season and they are still reportedly very interested in the talented Spaniard, and we believe Chelsea should send him there and nowhere else, and we’ll tell you just why.

Never help your rivals

Even if it’ll probably be best for Fabregas to reunite with his former boss Pep Guardiola at Manchester City, this move won’t be the smartest thing to do for Abramovich and his team, as it’ll definitely boost the Citizens’ squad, and that could put Chelsea’s title hopes in jeopardy.

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So, it’s very unlikely that Chelsea lets Fabregas walk to a rival contender, or even other Premier League side that might bite them on the rear thanks to the addition of Cesc.


Cesc is still worth some money, but his price keeps getting lower and lower by the day. So, if Abramovich wants to make a profit out of the talented midfielder, he should make a move for him right away.

AC Milan is reportedly willing to make a huge investment in order to keep momentum and regain the throne at this years Serie A by adding some talented veterans to play along with their outstanding youngsters, and their current financial situation makes them a great suitor for him.

He won’t play at all

Let’s not fool ourselves; Fabregas’ situation won’t change in the foreseeable future with Chelsea thriving at the first spot of the Premier League table, and considering that Antonio Conte is looking to add even more depth to the midfield of his team, things could only get worse for him.

So, the best thing to do for both parties is to let Fabregas go to Italy, where he could have a starring role once again for a competing side.