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Enough Is Enough: 3 Reasons Why Wenger And Arsenal Need To Sign A Striker

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Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger has been slowly fixing the problems at Arsenal over the years. He brought in a great goalkeeper in Petr Cech last season and prior to that, he did bring in a lot of quality with the signings of Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez.

There still are a couple of positions in the club which needs a lot of work, one being the defensive midfielder’s role and the other being the striker’s role. Arsenal have often struggled for goals from the forward that they play and it isn’t just that, there are a number of reasons why Arsenal should be in the market for a striker.

There have been rumors that the Gunners are set to move for Jamie Vardy and here are three reasons why the Gunners need a striker as soon as possible.

No real strength in depth in the side-

If we are to look at the squad that Arsenal have at the moment, there really isn’t another striker in the team apart from Olivier Giroud. The French striker did have some competition from the likes of Danny Welbeck earlier last season, but when the English star picked up an injury and was ruled out of the season, it just laid bare all the issues Arsenal have without any quality up front.

The Gunners need to have a cover in the team, almost every club has three good strikers fighting it out for a place in the starting line-up barring Arsenal. The faster they sign someone up, the better it would be in the club in the long run as well.

A proper Plan B-

Arsenal do not have a Plan B to rely on when things don’t go their way. Be it the attacking midfielders, wingers or strikers/striker, the Gunners look devoid of ideas when they are a goal behind or when a team takes it to them.

That all can be alleviated if they do sign another striker who can either partner Giroud or even help Arsenal set up another playing style. Even Liverpool have strikers who provide something different to the team when they need it and the sooner Arsenal do bring in someone like a Vardy or Morata, the better it would be next season as they look to win the Premier League title after more than a decade.

Olivier Giroud is not good enough-

This is the biggest reason why Arsenal need to sign another attacker, the fact that Olivier Giroud does not give them that much of an attacking threat, well not as much as some of the other strikers in the world.

Giroud is a perfect striker to play alongside another player but he alone cannot take Arsenal to the Premier League title. The French striker does score a goal every other game for the Gunners but they are going to need a lot more than that in a world of Luis Suarez’s and Lionel Messi’s. Giroud is just not the answer for Arsenal and if they do get someone like a Gonzalo Higuain or Karim Benzema, the London club would be on another level.