Why The English Clubs Like Manchester United, Arsenal, And Others Struggle In Europe?

  1. Tactics-

In recent times, we have seen how easily Arsenal, Manchester United and Manchester City were beaten by Olympiakos, PSV and Dinamo Zagreb respectively. Do they have more talent on the pitch? It’s not always about money; it is about the intelligence on the pitch. We saw how poorly United and the rest EPL clubs performed in the group stages. Every game demands different style, looking at Wenger’s and Van Gaal’s style- they do the same in their every game whether it be the domestic league or the Champions League. They lack in reading the situations, reacting in the real time and changing their style while it is not in the case of Spanish and other big clubs in Europe. Manchester United had a great success in the Champions league during 1999-2010 and that is mostly due to Ronaldo and the tactical intelligence of Sir AlexFerguson. But it is not the same now.



Written by Swapnil Bhopatkar

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